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    few pics to share

    Purrty pictures!
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    PC Question Advanced

    Linux CD will not allow you to partition, it has a 'self partitioner' that will allow it to separate partitions in order to install linux, but it won't allow you just to mess with the partitions w/o having to install anything. I was just suggesting the Linux CD incase the system isn't bootable...
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    PC Question Advanced

    Use a program called GParted to repartition the drive. You can download it for free, then burn it as an .ISO file for free using infra recorder (also a free product). It is a program that will allow you to resize your parititions on the hard drive without destroying the data on the drive (OS...
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    a few of my anemones

    Great pics, thanks for sharing! Any special treatment other than quality lighting that has helped you be successful? What are those white squares in a few of the pictures? So you have those in there just as shelving or do they provide some type of benefit to the tank?
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    Microsoft Word question please!

    Well it is somewhere, sorry i have the 2007 office, which is a lot different. It has 'ribbins' instead of menu's. (there was no 2005, just 2000, 2003 and 2007) Choose table from the menu, then sort. That should do it.
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    Microsoft Word question please!

    Yes, you select the list then go to (depending on the version) the menu bar and in 2007 you go to the home tab, then the paragraph section. The sort button is the AZ with a down arrow. In 2000 and 2003 I think you have to go to pharagraph, then sort...
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    Fruit Stickers?

    No it is their brand. You cant engrave a product name on a piece of fruit so they put a sticker on it. Otherwise how would you know who the distributor is? I mean i realize you don't give a hoot, but they want you to know what their brand is.
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    Changing XP Pro License?

    Well I would agree with you that it could have been an error. But the more software packages giving you the same codes, the more i'm apt to believe the key codes are correct. Perhaps they got changed at some point. I don't know if dell uses the same key codes or not. Either way just change...
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    Changing XP Pro License?

    THen that is your license key. DId you already change it and now it should be something different? Now you've confused me... I thought you said MJB was messing up which is why i suggested belarc advisor. How was it messing up?
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    Changing XP Pro License?

    It should, just works w/ the OS and will create an HTML printout of all software licenses and product keys installed on the system as well as giving you the hardware specs. Just install it and give it a whirl, it is free, doesn't take up any space, and is extremely easy to use.
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    Changing XP Pro License?

    Use Belarc Advisor if magic jelly bean is still messing up- it will give you the product license for all software packages installed and it is free. I used it at our work as well. You never know, I don't advise people on illegal activities which is why I wanted to clarify :) Lemme know how it goes!
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    know when its safe to add anemone

    If it is reading 0 you can give it a try. Like i said before it doesn't mean there isn't still traces in there and it may be in the rocks at this point. Give it a try and if you don't have success i'd give up on the copper sensative creatures.
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    clownfish questions please share your opions!

    Either purchase a mated pair or purchase two juveniles and let one develope into the female (the more dominate one will transform into a female after time).
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    metal halide lighting

    You'll be fine w/ 2x175 - may still have a heat issue.
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    america's funniest home videos

    Originally Posted by WangoTango I'm not a fan of Tom Bergeron or whatever his name is anyway. Most of the videos are of daddy getting hit in the nuts by a baseball bat. -Justin But those are the only funny ones. Those and kids falling off of bikes.