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    Algea Identification

    Is there a thread that can help me identify different types of algea?
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    AWWW man!

    Dang! I wish my 65 gal tank was seahorse ready! Did everyone see that this site has CB kudas on sale for $15.00?!?!?! I WANNNNNT one! not fair!
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    Yuma's, shrooms and Zoa's in PA, will ship

    do you have any red zoas left?
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    pipefish in my biocube?

    I dont think that the tank has to be special in any can be any shape. Just as long as its tall enough. and for reg size horses at least 29 gal. for dwarf 10 and under is best. Tank mates are what has to be special. (am I getting things right experts? lol)
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    Here they are!!!!!

    Originally Posted by NyButterfly03 AWWWWE!!!! How sweet!!!! He is adoreable!!! I dont judge, no worries, so the kids are close together, they will be best friends.........eventually!!! Thank you Yeah...even though they are still young I have loved having them close together....of course...
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    Emarld Crabs

    Does the fish just come up missing? if not what does the body look like? any marks or anything? I think that sometimes brittle stars are known to catch slower moving fish? anyone help me out here...i'm still new at this and have no brittle! just get the experts on here a...
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    Here they are!!!!!

    Yeah thats Chase...he is two, he was peter pan on halloween...thats my other hobby...sewing...we were all people from peter pan last daughter was tinkerbell..shes one now. (yeah yeah...they are 11 months apart. ) I convinced my husband to be captain hook...and I was wendy.
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    Non speicies specific Seahorse reef tank?

    Cool! are the guide lines pretty much the same when it comes to pipefish and seahorses?
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    Does Anyone Love....

    When I was in Hawaii 3 years ago I saw a "movie" (like a report...cant for the life of me think of the right word...) on the reefs and in it they were scuba diving and one of the ladys took off her mask and held her mouth open and the cleaner shrimp cleaned her teeth!!! they were crawling around...
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    Here they are!!!!!

    Cute Babys NY! I hope everything continues to go good for you! Originally Posted by TeresaQ where is that smilie puling out its hair LOL that one is def needed for us moms! I'm still waiting for mine to wake up! lol...its only 8:30 here though.
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    Non speicies specific Seahorse reef tank?

    Oh and I wanted to guys are a lot nicer in this forum than the people on the other forums...your not discouraging at all...You make it an enjoyable experience to want to try something new. Just wanted to say Thank You. (oh and suzy when (yes i know WHEN) I feel ready I will get a male...
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    Non speicies specific Seahorse reef tank?

    Awesome, Thanks Teresa! I was thinking that I might set up another small tank for if thier are any problems so I could move things around if need be. I have a ten gal sitting around.....I was thinking though...that my clowns only stay on one side of the tank....(they have the whole thing to...
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    help id please

    I waaaaaant some!!!! my lfs has some of those in one of thier nano display tanks but they are not for sale
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    Is this the ultimate dream reef aquarium or what??

    I guess you would have to "suit up" every time you wanted to add/remove any corals or to rearange your set up?? lol...oh about an all week project!!
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    Non speicies specific Seahorse reef tank?

    Thank you so much for your information! I have a 65 gal tank and I just got my list put together...i know that thier might be some problems with it...and I put it together not thinking about a seahorse but...the more i read about them the more i would like to get why not try to make my...