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    invasive coral

    i wanna see pics as my xenia is starting to get outta hand, also best way to frag them?!>!? thanks!
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    Rick's Seahorse Pics!

    yea im with ^^ i wannna see pics!!
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    ID please!

    looks like my horseshoe crab from behind lol, maybe its a shell from one?
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    Need Help With Fire Fish

    i ahve purple and red firefishes they dont really fight much, lol just the usual bickering but no bullying or anything
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    why do u have a sw aquarium?

    Originally Posted by Waterlogged Because I enjoy being broke. lmao i second that one.
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    Looking for good LFS in Phoenix

    azseabottom? havent heard of it! a new store to visit! how is the selection tere?
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    Identify Worm Please

    i have millions of those critters in my tank, i hope they are good, they only come out at night when i feed, and i see them snatch up pellets that have fallen and carry them into their holes.. say they're good!
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    My Weird tank...

    what is that thing a TV?! lol put a sofa in front of that beast and get rid of the tv, animal planet all day long! nice tank!
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    Cyano in high flow?? How is it so?

    grouper thats the same oooglay stuff i had growing in my tanks! funny thing is it grew just about ONLY in the places wiht high flow lol but i just cleaned it up, and stopped leaving my light on all day, it went away just as quickly as it appeared
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    Looking for good LFS in Phoenix

    hey all im in the tucson area and we have a few good stores here (southwest saltwater) but i go to phx quite often to shop for fish and so far i love -pets inc.- people there know what they are doing. theres also another store but the name escapes me lol guess it wasnt that good, but as far as...
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    What is this ? HELP HELP

    mie Look up aiptasia. ^^ hmm i dunno how to quote..BUT i agree. i had 1 in my tank and it soon started popping up EVERYWHERE! i was losing the battle so i eventually had to just take out the rocks and let them dry out
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    Aquascaping...Confused...please help?

    i like! very nice (borat voice) i wonder what 3 seperate islands would look like?! hmm now im getting ideas to try in my tank! =p
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    how to add more sand!

    thanks spank and reno! im going to hop to that! i plan on buying a goby/pistol shrimp pair so i want to give them enough sand to burrow into!
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    how to add more sand!

    wow thatnks for the quick reply. ok it is the prebagged aragonite sand, but it doesnt say its live or anything..would i be able to scoot my existing sand to one side, add some of the new and cover with the old? or will that cause too much stress? my tank isnt too heavily stocked, just 4 firefish...
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    Aquascaping...Confused...please help?

    ive been thinkng about re-doing my rocks and creating island like formations...hurry with the pictures!!