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    this is by no means my aquarium but i can dream...

    I think those are snakeheads not arowanas
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    beverages... whats your poison? 21+ only please

    I'll pretty much drink any beer, though I do have my favorites. Right now it is Sam Adams Blackberry wheat. All day drinkin' I go with cheap high life, winter time, it's heavier beers. I also always have a J.D. on the rocks. For vodka it's Ciroc, or Tito's. Tequila is Patron silver. Rum is...
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    im at whitts end literally

    All Asians are smart dummy.. and quite frankly I can barely understand what the hell orion is writing...Oklahomians Geeze
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    Why would she leave me with this mess???

    And to answer the question of this thread?.... It"s because lawyers are douchebags
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    im at whitts end literally

    I thought you said that it was the short version of the story, seemed long and boring to me
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    Why would she leave me with this mess???

    Your a puss and the wife is lazy... Which is why she has to hire a housekeeper with your money. Blah Blah Blah Boo Hoo
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    im at whitts end literally

    no one cares tough guy
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    DILEMMA...Please help me

    Feed them to your cats
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    The Garbage Patch

    here's another one I feel bad for future generations that will have to deal with the aftermath from the ignorance of people today
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    The Garbage Patch

    This is why humans will turn the earth into a wasteland
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    What a day!

    After you have 1-2 kids and are on welfare, they should be required to be "fixed" just like a dog. I think NJ has a law saying that after the second kid you get no more money if you continue to have more children.
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    What a day!

    I always heard that some of the dumbest people live in Texas.... Oh wait.... isn't that where George Bush lives
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    Unusual Dottybacks/Pseudochromis

    I had a vampire. He was big, about 3 inches. Still the meanest SOB I have ever owned. I put a clown fairy wrasse in there one day, and that psuedo came out like shark and grabbed a hold of him and swam away. Literally took a chunk of meat out of him. Ended up trading him in
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    YOTN's New Office Tank Diary!

    Originally Posted by kjr_trig Not sure your tank is large enough for 3 full sized angels, this could be a problem as they age....You may need an upgrade shortly.....Is that crushed coral in there? Are those Metal Halides? Joke??? What the hell are you talking about? your joking right. You...
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    Just Wondering How Many Of You....

    I used to have freshwater. I had a giant mbu puffer that ate whole apple snails the size of tennis balls. Very cool. Got too big for the tank so I gave him to a public aquarium.