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    380g to 1000g !!

    I live in Australia It's a place called Starfire aquatics
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    380g to 1000g !!

    Hahaha. Does look a bit like that I suppose But no. None for sale
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    Don't join the saltwater group on Facebook

    That group has a pinned post Stating it's not actually a fish forum It's a group of people that just make fun I was not one in that conversation But if you want to talk reefing it's not the one Promise you that P.S You held your own well There is plenty of other fb groups that are...
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    380g to 1000g !!

    Concrete floors And plenty of room
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    380g to 1000g !!

    hi Our 2yr old reef tank has sold And we are about 1 month away from delivery of our new build (sad in a way) Thought I would share New build 8.5 x 5 x 2.4 starfire peninsular 6 x 3.5 x 2 racetrack sump All corals & existing stock will be moved over once plumbed & scaped Very exciting
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    380g mixed reef

    Skimmer / reactors Rock softies Chateau 5kg matrix Rock cuc Return
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    380g mixed reef

    The first generation gyres were god awful Nothing but issues with some of the worst customer service I've ever seen But the new series I believe is much better So we have just ordered a new tank build & are purchasing the new xf280 Hope is better
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    Need help with ammonia

    They are not just big Eaters but big waste producers too You've not got enough bacteria yet to convert the new larger bioload added to the tank Keep up the water changes Your bacteria will eventually catch up if you have enough surface area for it to grow Meanwhile use Seachem prime Daily...
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    1guydude picture thread

    This was the tank 1yr old
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    1guydude picture thread

    Here's my slice of reef Now 15mnths old and ticking along Nicely
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    Elegance Coral Looking Stressed

    0 on both nitrate & phos will cause issues All lps need food They need nutrients in the water I suggest Nitrates <10 Phos <0.05 Medium flow medium light Target feed some Brine or mysis
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    380g mixed reef

    Hi. Been a while since posted New tank is 14 months old now Ticking along nicely. This video was taken at 8mntts of age Hope you enjoy
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    7 x 2.5 x 2.5 Aussie peninsular build !

    Thank You very much :)
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    10 Months old today.

    Thank you This lot were added at all the same time. So there has been no issues. We have tried to add another since and it didn't work So this is it for now.
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    2 different questions... Oily Water surface and blue tang diet

    Tangs love seaweed/nori and macro out the sump.