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    Tool to cut teeth in overflow

    rotozip bits work well.
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    ricordea problems

    i have had these florida rics for from 6 months to a year(there are about 15). there have been no major changes in lighting ,flow, or other inhabitants.
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    ricordea problems

    the ricordea in my wifes nano has been shrinking over the past couple of weeks. they still have good color ,but the physical shrinkage has me a little concerned. my params ph 8.4 ammonia 0 trites 0 trates 0 these tests were taken with api test kits temp 79
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    how do I frag xenia?

    place a small rock (or whatever you want the frag attatched to) next to the xenia colony. one or more of the stalks will move onto the rock and you can remove it easily.
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    monti cap.

    You can also wedge the frag between two rocks and it will eventually attach itself. that is the method i prefer
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    TDS Meter Values...

    My well water has a tds of 45, but i still run all my water for the tank thru the ro/di.
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    octo nw-150 problem

    i was changing the filter socks today, and my skimmer started over flowing . i turned the pump off, cleaned everything. whaen i started it back up the skimmer produced hardly any bubbles and i had micro bubbles coming out of the discharge. help!
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    cleaner shrimp dead

    the molt will have "tentacles". the shrimp will hide in the rocks until his new shell hardens
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    Premium Seachem line : Aquavitro

    i should have said , fuel ions, and calcification are the only products i can reccomend. i havent used the others. i used the calcifacation to bring my calcium up to my desired level and have been dripping kalkwasser ever since.these products are really too expensive to keep a large system...
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    Premium Seachem line : Aquavitro

    i won the entire aquavitro line of products at our local club. the fuel, ions and calcification are the only products i would recommend. use the fuel sparingly it is quite potent. many in myclub noticed soft corals to close up when used as directed. seachem support suggested to use half dose.
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    Flat worms

    thank you to all that responded! A quick freshwater dip is all it required for now. i couldnt believe how fast that killed them
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    Flat worms

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    Flat worms

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    Flat worms

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    lets see them Monti Cap

    here are a few of mine