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    I.D. Please

    a type of snail they are actually not a problem there alge grazers got a couple in my tank, like a little bonus with live rock i think there is a little more info on them in the hitchhiker furom might wanna check that out on here
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    Help :(!!! My Biocube Lights

    if you look at your booklet that came with the bc it should say that any upkeep or replacing of the lights and ballasts is at like 9 months so if you contact oceanic they should be more than happy to help you since you are only at 6 and they have like a year warranty i think
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    ID? looks to be a mix frog/hammer.

    +1 looks like octopus frogspawn
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    my new 24gal jbj nano

    my ***** also did this i believe its 10-75gal only not exactly sure tho
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    Subielover's Biocube 14 Diary

    but i have also read where they are beneficial thats why i left him in my dt for a while until i saw him doing that
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    Subielover's Biocube 14 Diary

    im not exactly sure what it was doing tho i just didnt want my tank to crash so i scooped him out
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    Subielover's Biocube 14 Diary

    keep an eye on that snail i had found one in my tank, i was just siting there watching the tank and i saw a cloud of like dust being flung off my lr so i thought it was a pod of some sort then a few days later i saw it again but it kept doing it then i saw that little guy and he was the one...
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    pink/greentip frogspawn?

    nice thanks for the responce
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    pink/greentip frogspawn?

    i was wondering if you can keep them both in the same tank?
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    should i buy a biocube?

    yea sounds like a great deal even if you wernt gonna start a tank id pick it up
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    Puffer Nano Diary

    nice acua scape but im pretty sure thats a green spotted puffer, you might want to check up on it because there actualy a brackish water fish
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    29 Gal Biocube making buzzing noises...

    i had the same problem then the fan just stoped working and i replaced it now the other one is making the noise. depending on how long ago you got your cube, it should be easy to get it replaced by oceanic if it burns out.
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    mrpurples bio cube

    yea, how high do you run the bubbles
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    mrpurples bio cube

    biocube skimmer
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    KAT74's 14g Biocube Diary

    hi i love your tanks by the way. i was wondering you said you run the biocube skimmer, i just picked one up and was wondering how far up th chamber do you run the bubbles. any help at all would be great thx.