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    Heyy T!! How are you?? Ok I know this respones is waaaaay overdue but I obviously went MIA for awhile and just happen to be nosing around today and happen to see this Soooo in my absence, I have since had twins and gotten remarried!!!! I am SERIOUSLY thinking of gettin into the SH hobby again...
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    Im baaack!!!

    It was my fault, I was standing next to the tank so he theough something interesting was going on. He moved the tote lids that were blocking his view from the hoses and once he saw them, that was it now we ALL know this is NOT a new item in the house so I dunno what got into him, he is a...
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    Lethargic Seahorses

    Glad to hear they are doing better......I totally agree with Rykna dont be hasty putting them back....I would leave them there where they are until u know for sure they are eating well
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    Im baaack!!!

    Aww thanks for the warm welcome!!! T, the kids are MONSTERS!!!! No, they are good, just into everything especially the baby He even unhooked our canister filter by one of the lines last night omg what a mess and it got all over the power strip and blew it uo while I was under the tank He...
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    Im baaack!!!

    not that I ever really left but life got kinda crazy after the car accident in May, things were on a downhill slide for a sec. We found out 3 weeks after the acciden that our lease was not being renewed, after spending the savings we did have as the down payment on a new car so that was a lil...
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    Lethargic Seahorses

    I got myself a pair of lil ponies, kuda I believe on Monday evening, and have been very active and ate at their 1st feeding.......I do NOT want to discourage you by any means but when they stop eating, it is never a good sign. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. GL & KUP
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    Black and White Percula Babies 4 sale or Trade

    I have some of these beauties, they have been with me about 9months now and I adore them!!!!! They are big and beautiful just like the pics of their parents!!!!! Nice job raising these lil guys!!!
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    Some new pony and fish pics

    VERY nice!!!!! The horses are beauties!!!
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    annoying bird

    My boss had a bird that would fly into her windows repeatedly for HOURS! AND would come back each year and do it again....dumb bird
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    I wouls NOT put an urchin in with my pipes....sounds like a disaster waiting to happen My pipes love the eelgrass and other plants to hang out in and camoflage themselves
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    My beautiful car.......

    Originally Posted by COWFISHRULE new impala? or new car in general? Yeah new Impala, green to make my lil girls happy.....less miles than mine but other than a few minor details its the same thing. A mustang is just not a sensable family car or we would have gone with that! I was looking at a...
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    My beautiful car.......

    LOL thanks for stickin up for me jenny Well the car is gone and I will have my new one a week from today. Its not ever really gonna be the same but hey its just a car right?
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    Dogs and Cats

    Funny and true!
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    dwarf seahorse pic please.

    thanks for beating me getting the link up! Hope u enjoy the pics!!!!
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    My beautiful car.......

    OIC Big tough guy huh?!?!?! BRING IT ON!!!!!! PS: My kitty looks like ur avitar minus the goofy face its making! LOL