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    don't skip this sump thread

    Can you shave 1/4 inch off the top trim? It should not effect the stability of the tank.
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    WTB Sump/fudge

    Still available if anyone is interested.
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    WTB Sump/fudge

    Pics sent
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    WTB Sump/fudge

    I have a wet/dry. for sale if interestedaqua clear 125, with over-flow and return. let me know
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    My Corals For Your Cannister Filter!!!

    I have a fluval 404!
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    12 gallon, nanocustom, 72 watt, ONTARIO

    Sorry bout that did not realize you were in Canada. trade will not work but are you selling the R/O unit with it in the [hr] ?
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    12 gallon, nanocustom, 72 watt, ONTARIO

    Would you be interested in a trade?
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    Lots Of Stuff....Ohio

    Originally Posted by Jake15 Thats fine but if you for sure want it let me know because i have alot of interest in it Whats the lowest you can go for the rock and sand.I am coming from Va, i have to pick up a cpuple of tanks in your local area. Yes i am interested
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    Lots Of Stuff....Ohio

    I will be in the area in a week or so. I am interested in the sand and rock let me know if they are still up for sale.
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    Reef and non-reef items for sale

    Do you still have this. I want it. Can you get it to Hampton, Va you can e-mail.
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    55 Gallon Complete Setup For Sale!!! Lights And Liverock!

    Do you still have the lights. How much for them
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    Must sell Fish and equipment quickly

    how much for the powerheads and what kind are they?
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    Tank, RO/DI, Refugium, misc. for sale

    Do you still have the sump? how much to ship to Va, 23665
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    Chiller and Lights for sale, Lemoore California

    Thanks will be looking for the shipping included price
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    I have soms stuff to trade

    What the price in cash?