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    Upgrade or not?

    Thanks for the opinions.
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    Upgrade or not?

    Hello, Currently have a 110 gallon Oceanic tank. This tank was orginially purchased for fresh water use many years ago, therefore it is not reef ready. Over time we switched to saltwater and has been a saltwater tank for about 8 years. Currently the tank is equipted with a trickle filter with a...
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    Wanted to share

    That's cute!!
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    Texas Hold Em Tournaments

    We play every Friday night. $10.00 buy in, usually we have 10 people. Everyone gets 50 chips. We use small and big blinds. Once an individual drops out the blinds double, this allows for more games to be played. We usually play 4 games. The best item we invested in is the automatic card...
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    car question

    Stick with conventional oil.
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    Weird Tubes

    Good call Thomas!!!! Vermetid Snail....... Thats what I have.....
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    Weird Tubes

    Have a question about these weird things (tubes). Just recently I have notice these small tubes extending from all my live rock and other places as well. These tube look like little feather duster. I have noticed when cleaning the tank or moving things around, these tubes extract this silk...
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    Tennet Tang?

    Looking at the selection of fish from this website. Ran across this Tang (Tennet Tang). Does anyone have one?
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    Bought the New 7 Series

    If you pay for it out of pocket you can have you oil changed when you want. Know if you what your full maintenance to pay for the oil change, then yes you have to wait for the lights on the dash....
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    Bought the New 7 Series

    Originally posted by BrandonS that's true.... guess it's basic probability. Does yours have the option for the ipod? Not available for this car.....
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    Bought the New 7 Series

    Originally posted by TangMan99 A BMW tells you when to change the oil. Ours goes about 13,000 miles before it needs changing. BMW won't touch it until it time either. . Incorrect..... You can have your oil changed whenever you want. Congrats on the 745, You should of got the the 760li...
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    poker players

    Speaking of Poker, Chris Moneymaker just brought in his BMW for service today.:)
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    Sorry Tizzo, GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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    Intercoastal Bulls!!

    It's true......
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    College Football 2004

    GO GATORS!!!!!!!!