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    Found green eels new health

    I don't know if you guys remember the story of the green eel i found in the abandonned pet store. But anyway here is an update of his health. He is doing just fine now and it's skin is still healing it's eating and swimming around (and escaped once) he's still in a qt but as soon as his skin...
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    Starting a reef tank

    hiya guys and gals, I have some equipment that i'm not using laying around and going to waste. So i figured that i'd do a reef tank and was wondering if i had the right stuff to get started. I also need help in setting it up and need your help. Here's what i got so far and if i need anything...
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    shocking discovery

    ok guys to answer some questions he is now eating frozen shrimp. he only ate the goldfish the 1st day. the best way i can describe the wounds is that it looks as if someone took an eraser and erased the color from it's body in the infected area's. i got some melafix and was thinking about...
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    shocking discovery

    Thanks beth the qt tank has been set up for years, the spores are black looks like they are in the skin in the middle and in the tail. The tank is a 55 gallon and the eel is about 1 1/2 feet long.
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    shocking discovery

    my friend called me this morning and told me to come down to this abandoned pet store that they were cleaning out. But when i got there i couldn't believe my eyes there was this green eel still in a tank swimming around. I asked my friend how long the store been closed down and he said for about...
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    What is your favorate color of fish.

    gotta go with blue
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    OT : other hobbies

    I also collect other exotic pets (reptiles)
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    Poll: CC or DSB?

    I use cc
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    Poll: CC or DSB?

    I use cc
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    What's Your Favorite Fish?

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    what type of salt does everyone use

    guess i'm the only one that uses tropic marin it's a little more exspensive than io but i think it's worth it. i buy it by the 55lbs bucket it treats 200 gallons of water
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    snicker snicker i did that once but i forgot to close the valve on my magnum lost about 5 gallons too
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    whats your fav tank buddy? FW or SW

    For me it would be the arrowanna for the freshwater tank and for sw has to be my stone fish and true alligater fish they don't move much but r quite the conversation peice when they do.
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    what type of salt does everyone use

    Hmmm seems like i'm the only one that uses tropic marin but i buy it by the 55lbs bucket treats 200 gallons of water and they give u a free kh/alkalinity test kit with it. It's a little more exspensive than IO but to me it's worth it give it a try.
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    OT: Chicago.....what LFS do you go to?

    I go to a shop in maywood called by land and by sea it's a small shop the lady who owns it is real knowledgeble and so is her husband. Her parents ownd a shop when she was a little girl and still does. Her and her husband are hobbyest as well and for the prices of the fish it's the cheapest i'v...