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    WTB: Leopard shark(s) or IM me pferboy
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    really...because my dog got hit by are truck just a couple of days ago and his last wish that he barked to me was to get 50lbs of free rock. WOW that is a sign.
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    400watt 20000k set for sale

    what are the dimensions? i may be interested. i would only use it for a 10gal nano reef tank. would it be too much for it
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    banded eel

    leave a zip code and i can figure out shipping. the tank he has been in is a 135. email:
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    banded eel

    i would like to get a little something out of him, but if no one offers anything in a week or so i will let him go for free.
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    banded eel

    i have a banded eel that i need to get rid of. he is getting to big for me. i am afraid that he will start to eat some of my smaller fish. he eats like a pig and is in great health. he is around 14" long.
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    29gallon tank for sale

    i would love to buy the whole lot, but i do not have any room. are you willing to part anything out?
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    90G 4 sale w/stand....OHIO

    have you sold the tank yet. send me an email if not.
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    something on my majestic

    i have continued to add garlic extract 2-3 times a week. i am soaking all food in zoe, but the majestic still has Lympho. he loves brine shrimp and picks at the rock constantly but will not eat much else. i have tried: algea waffers spirulina brine live brine mysis bloodworms angel formula...
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    something on my majestic

    sounds good. is there anything else i can do to help the situation out?
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    What would cause corraline to turn white?

    always add slowly. my calcium was low so i started a 2 day drip of kalk. 5 gals in 2 days. while i was setting up the drip i dropped the whole bucket into my sump. that caused everything to bleach white. be careful and take it slow.
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    question for Bang Guy

    here are a couple of web pages that i found to have alot of banggai info. hope these help
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    would 2 fish be ok?

    actually i have 1 card. in my 29 gal that i am going to use for breeding. and 1 card. in my 10 gal nano reef. both are males and were in the same tank until i moved the smaller of the 2 into the nano. i do not have any in my display. i will keep only on in my nano then. thanks for the...
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    something on my majestic

    i will get some zoe tomarrow. i do 10-15% water changes every monday. day old salt water. i do not aerate. i just got a RO for the tank 2 months ago. everything reeds ok. sal 1.024 ph 8.2 ammo 0 trates10 trites0 don't know what else to do. can this be harmful?
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    would 2 fish be ok?