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    video of clowfish and his eggs

    Sweet, where did you get the pair?
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    Hawaiian Lei Trigger

    Sufflamen bursa
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    Hawaiian Lei Trigger

    Does anyone have them? How is their temperment?
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    90G Fish Only

    What would you recommend for a fish only tank. I like the pygmy angels, but I cant make up my mind what else?
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    Who has the most amount of fish compared to the size of the tank?

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy Nah at ***** they would be all dead or well on their way there.
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    RO Filters

    Where is a good place to buy them over the net?
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    Rubbermaid sump

    Cyclops- I sent you an email on your sump.
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    90G Trigger Tank

    What if any trigger would be good for a 90G tank?
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    What Angels

    Would be suitable for a 90G Fish Only tank?
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    Black Durgeon/Hawaiian Trigger fish

    Did you purchase the trigger online?
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    What Angelfish

    Large if possible?
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    What Angelfish

    could go in a 90G tank?
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    Wet/Dry Packages

    Where are the best places to get wet/dry packages? Can you find good ones including a protein skimmer built in.
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    Filtration Question

    What filtration would you recommend for a 90G fish only tank. Most likely a triggerfish of some kind. I am thinking a protein skimmer and ? :help:
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    Would you buy this ?

    90G fish only tank. Most likely a trigger!