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    Baby clowns!

    Originally Posted by Rod Buehle Kind of looks like mysid shrimp to me. Do they move pretty fast and sort of like a swarm? I often have people say "Hey , you have baby clowns in this tank too!"", but they are actually seeing mysids. I guess you would know by know though, because the clowns...
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    Baby clowns!

    Best I could do, they are tiny.You can see the one in the top middle. Those dark spots in the sand are fry also.
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    Baby clowns!

    6 weeks ago we did a water change in our tank and discovered our mated pair had eggs on the glass. We got afew dozen off and into the hospital tank and waited. We thought we saw afew fry hiding in the live rock and started feeding bottled phyto. There are more babies then we first thought. When...
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    Mandarin & Scooter Blenny

    Originally Posted by TexasMetal That's weird. Ours get along fine in a 140. Maybe it's the similar appearance issue like most other fish. Yeah, i never expected this to happen, but it did. The mandrin would chase the scooter and if she wasn't fast enough, the mandarin actually bit into her and...
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    sunburst anthias

    Try cyclpoeeze to get him started eating. They are well known for starving, just refuse to eat anything. If it will eat anything it will be cyclopeze.
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    Mandarin & Scooter Blenny

    I had a mandrin and scooter together in my 150. I had to remove the scooter (easiest one to catch) because the mandarin attacked her every time she saw the scooter to the point the scooter stayed hidden and stopped hunting food. They are both females so i dont know why the mandrin attacked the...
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    A few pics of some of my zoos

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    Dalmation With Blue Eyes

    I dont know about the white ones, but the others look like a photo shopped version of these.
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    What are my zoas doing? :(

    Do they retract into the rock when touched? If they close like your other zoas, but do not disappear they coould just be a color morph which is what they look like to me in the pic. They seem to have a white center, could be palys.
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    Post pics of your favorite LPS coral

    I like my neon lime green candycanes the best! Then my duncans
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    Couriousty struck me on this one

    I have paid off my 55 easily since most of the corals in that tank are frags out of my 150. I let them grow out in the 55 and then sell them. I have made the most money off my waving hands and pink pulsing xenia.
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    How about Blue zoanthids?

    Blue zoos come in all shades of blue. Here are my 2.
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    Frag Swap In Texas?

    DFW hosts 2 a yr. One is open to the public, the other is for members only.
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    Mandarin dragonets

    My mandarin tried to kill my scooter, both were females. I had them in a 150, but the dragnet bit the scooter whenever she saw her. I ended up taking out the scooter, but she was so stressed she didn't make it long in my other tank.
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    Blue LPS

    Blue mini clove polops. Very blue, and will grow like weeds in any tank.