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    magnesium test?

    Originally Posted by oceana this is NOT true that soft coral do not gain from CA. soft coral use small amounts of calcium that is used to help support calcium carbonate spicules that support the body structure. not to mention that fact that he says he has a clam to which Ca is VERY important...
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    lets see your anemones!!!

    Here is one of my green carpet anemones
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    MH Questions

    I've found that the 20k xm's are great mixed with 10k 55 watt pc's. I get really good growth with this and I really like the blue from the MH's. The white from the PC's is plenty and the color on my corals improved greatly over the 10k AB's I first had. I built my own hood, I bought reflectors...
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    magnesium test?

    Based on your coral load it isn't really an issue. If you want to keep sps corals then you should test for magnesium otherwise the calcium is unusable by your corals. Softies on the other hand don't have skeletal structure and have no need for calcium. A good way to know if you have the...
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    FT 1/3 HP Aquametrics Chiller in Atlanta

    I will sell both the chiller and the controller for $600. I will probably put this on the big auction site next week. Rob
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    FT 1/3 HP Aquametrics Chiller in Atlanta

    I just purchased a aquametrics 1/3 hp drop in chiller and the drop in part is too large to fit behind my stand. The chiller was purchased used and has about 5 months of use on it. I would be willing to trade for a smaller unit possible a 1/4 hp or 1/5 hp that would fit behind my stand or sell...
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    FS: (2) 250watt halide, reflectors & ballast

    Perhaps just the ballast and moguls. I really don't need the bulbs. How about 110.0 plus shipping for the ballast assuming that shipping isn't more than 25. If you don't want to part out I can understand. Rob
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    FS: (2) 250watt halide, reflectors & ballast

    If you get no local bids I am interested in the ballast. I understand wanting to do business local. If you have no hits local in the amount of time you want I will pay shipping. Feel free to email at I'm in Atlanta 30102. Rob
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    Hello lights?

    Originally Posted by Jonny Bolt Hmmm. Did you get the blue 7100k actinics they have or did you get the TRU 03 actinics? I see they have 2 varieties. Nope the true actincs. They seemed purple and didn't seem to do much for my corals. Rob
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    Hello lights?

    I've bought all my bulbs from them. As for pc's I've run their 10k's and actinics. The actinics suck but I'm betting they suck for all PC's. The 10k's are great. Rob
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    reef ready tank?

    For a 75 you will only need 1. The lfs is being a bit excessive by telling you 2. The additional overflow provides more flow. So, you could get a larger pump in your sump. Generally the 75 and 90 overlfows handle 600 gph. So a mag 9.5 is a good size pump for that tank and very reasonable...
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    plans reuined!

    I don't have a tank but I have some other items if you end up needing. I have a couple of good aquaclear powerheads if you need, and I'm in Acworth. Rob
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    ASM G2 help please........

    There is a great site that shows pics of the mods and has forums only about this skimmer. The site is asm skimmer dot com. Good luck Rob
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    Who makes the best Calcium Reactor??

    i've had my reeftek now for 2 years and I'm happy with it. Rob
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    Superman Danae Montipora

    I'm interested, and would be willing to try a thermos frag swap. I have a rare Acropora Soli. that frags and grows really well. Green with purple tips. Rob