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    Aquarium Club

    The Jackson Area Marine and Reef Aquarium Club is having their first meeting and new member drive Saturday, June 18, 2005. Everyone is invited. We will have door prizes and a raffle for all new members. Hope to see you there.
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    new frags

    The last picture looks like encrusting gorgonian with polyps withdrawn.
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    Getting Married.......Selling Toys.

    I hate to point this out on Rye's post, but I remember a certain member trying to sell guns and parts here and that was extremely frowned upon. I think it had to do with the fact that the guy owned a gun shop...Rye, don't you own (or work for) a photo/camera store. Let's play fair here...if the...
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    Calcium Reactors?? Worth the money?

    Exactly...depends on the size of the tank, and the calcium demand. If you have a small tank, or a tank with mostly soft corals it probably is not worth it. If you have a big tank full of SPS and will be one of the best purchases you will make.
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    Coral question

    I have a 130 watt customsealife 24 hour PC light system. I do not understand this part...does it mean you keep your lights on 24 hours a day? If so, you will want to cut that back to 10-12 hours a day.
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    Protein Skimmer and Powerhead Problems!

    Air bubbles do not oxygenate water. Breaking surface tension accomplishes this. Air bubbles are only going to cause problems down the road. They will cause excessive salt creep, and cause harm corals and other inverts. You are better off not running the air. As for your skimmer, I am not...
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    Coraline on Glass

    razor every time
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    The 3rd picture down is either a favia or favites...can't remember which. BUT the proper name for it is BEAUTIFUL!
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    Is this order for SWF ok?

    I wasn't sure what was meant by sand sifting crabs...I just assumed horseshoe. Also, I don't have a bed sand bed so sand sifters are okay in my tank. I agree though, if you have a DSB don't get sand sifters. A lot of people prefer scarlets to blue legs...I have both and don't really have any...
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    calcium reactors

    I have a 5lb CO2 bottle and I have to refill it every 2 - 3 months. It costs me $10 to refill.
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    Question On A Orange Serpent Star

    Did you remove him? I would remove the star from the tank to make sure it does not foul the water for the other inhabitants.
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    Pistol Shrimp?

    I wouldn't buy them already paired up. I think that is a myth. I had a goby/pistol shrimp pair that I bought at separate times...they paired up almost immediately. As for the substrate, I would use sand and provide a few pieces of CC or small shells or other rubble rock for the shrimp to use...
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    Drilling tips?

    If you don't want to do it yourself, I would ask the people at the LFS, or try a cemetery monument company...they sandblast the names in granite and other stones. They can sandblast holes in glass also.
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    Is this order for SWF ok?

    I would personally skip the monkey shrimp. They like clam mantles and feather dusters to eat. Replace them with 3 more peppermint shrimp. Also, the "sand sifter" crabs...are these horseshoe crabs? If so, I would skip them too. Get a sand sifter starfish instead if they carry them.
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    o god not the tang police

    Just to this the tang we are talking about? Paracanthurus hepatus...Hippo Tang, Regal Tang? I am not a member of the tang police, but this fish is a big time swimmer. He needs lots of room, and gets huge. I had one in my 120 gallon reef and had to give him away to a friend with a...