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    Moving fish from QT to Display Tank

    I am planning to move a moderate size juvenile French Angelfish from the QT to a 125 gal display tank. The other fish are 2 fairly large Heniochus butterflies, 2 Ocellaris clownfish and 1 moderate size Green Chromis. All have been in the display tank for several years. They had a previous...
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    French Angels Prone to Bacterial Infection?

    yes, I use a refractometer as the hydrometer can show a very different reading. I got down to1.009 three weeks ago and I'm pretty sure it never got up higher than 1.010. When I first got into the hobby, I had lots of trouble with ick, so I always use hypo. I'll bring it up a couple tenths per...
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    French Angels Prone to Bacterial Infection?

    I purchased a juvenile French Angelfish one month ago from the LFS. The LFS guy stated that French Angels are prone to bacterial infections and that I should consider buying a UV sterilizer. I have not had any disease problems in my tank for many years and declined the suggestion. The fish has...
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    Lost Power in Hurricane

    Happy to report that all tank members survived. One clown fish acted very strange for a day or so, burt everyone seems normal 4 days after getting power back. I was without power for 5 days and the tank temperature went down as low as 60. I have three battery operated air pumps that helped keep...
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    Lost Power in Hurricane

    In NJ and lost power in hurricane. May be without power for 3 - 7 days. I have 125 gal FOWLR with 1 juvenile French Angelfish, 2 adult Heniochus bannerfish, 2 adult ocellarus clownfish 1 green chromis, 3 shrimp, 1 starfish,Water temp down to 70 and dropping. I have 3 battery operated air pumps...
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    Dismantle Quarantine Tank?

    I have a 125 gal FOWLR tank with 100+ lbs live rock. My water parameters for PH, Ammonia and Nitrite are always great, though Nitrates run 20-40 most likely from overfeeding. I change 20 gal (sometimes 30) every other week when I clean Fluval cannister filter.The stock included 2 Heniochus...
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    Power Loss - Temperature Disaster - Help!

    All in all, things turned out much better than expected. I lost one tiny green chromis, but all other fish are doing fine. My 4 shrimp also survived as did the brittle star. I can't find the chromis at all, so my guess is that he secumbed and something in the rocks ate him. I was very worried...
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    Will low temperature kill brittle star?

    just had a 3 day power failure during which tank temperature dropped from 78 to 60. Fish survived but brittle star seems near death. Moves a little if I touch a leg. Should I remove him from tank to QTtoavoid amonia or wiat it out?
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    Power Loss - Temperature Disaster - Help!

    Lost electricity for 3 full days. Temperature in 125 gal FOWLR tank dropped from 78 to 60 over 1st 2 days. Had battery powered air pumps and air stones, but no other circulation or heat. Electric came back on this afternoon and temp has climbed to 68. I'll let it come up slowly by tank heaters...
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    Angelfish help

    Have you observed them for a solid hour or two? The Tangs don't have to be harrassing them constantly for them to go into hiding. I had a similar problem where a Yellow Tang was periodicaly tail slapping a new French Angel. It seemed to happen whenever the Tang felt like it. Sometimes he just...
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    which large angel to choose??

    the French Angelfish gets my vote. I have a juvenile and he's a beautiful fish with a wonderful personality
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    Yellow Tang Fighting with New Arrival?

    It's only the next morning and the change is amazing. He joined in the morning feeding though not as aggressively as his tankmates who are voracious eaters. He did go to the surface for some spirulina flakes which is the first time he has gone anywhere near the surface in a week. He had been...
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    Yellow Tang Fighting with New Arrival?

    I decided the best option was to move the Tang to the QT. Moving the French would have given him a reprieve from the abuse, but it would not have dealt with the issue of the Tang's aggressive nature. The French is a beautiful fish with a nice personality, so I definitely prefer to keep him. It...
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    Yellow Tang Fighting with New Arrival?

    Thanks for your comments. There's no one to monitor them during the day, but I did see the YT snap his tail at the French this morning. I observed them for about 30 minutes this morning and there was just the one brush for a few seconds. The French moves but the YT doesn't chase him. The French...
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    New Fish stressed by tank mate

    I posted a thread "Yellow tang Fighting with new arrivel" in Fish Discussion, but i'm not getting much response. Can you please take a look at it or tell me how I can best deal with a new fish being stressed by tankmates. I have a 2.5 inch French Angelfish being bothered by a similar sized...