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    Free Package to the 100th post

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    Alabama Deal

    Yea Bo that would be great..I hate to get rid of it but, I just have no time.
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    Alabama Deal

    3 year old set up...1 year in this tank.. 90gal w/overflow built in oak stand w matching hood 4 vho lighting setup in hood 20 gal tidepool sump 700gph pump 2 powerheads 4 heaters 120lbs rock corals include: various shrooms leathers open brain xenia polyps tomao clown perc clown strawberry...
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    Aquestion for NM Reef, or anybody else that has a tomato clown with no anemone!

    I have had a Tomato use a bubble coral for over a year now. Bubble coral is doing fine.
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    Alabama Tank?

    Thanks man day late and a dollar short
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    Alabama Tank?

    Who had the tank in Auburn? Still interested in getting rid of it?
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    keeping tanks cool tips please.

    I keep the air conditioning on at 73deg so I still have to use the heaters in the summer.
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    help!! Urgen electric shock

    Drop the leads of a VOM (multitester) in the tank after you unplug all the equipment.Set the meter to AC volts and turn each item on one at a time. That should tell you what is leaking. Be careful. Have a good day.
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    getting mushrooms to attach

    Mushrooms get too slimy to glue sometimes. They should be ok as long as they get light. Its actually a really good idea and I will try it next time. Have a great day.
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    Damaged Corals?

    I bought a damaged pagoda cup coral...Ive had it for almost two years now. Its doing fine. Just looks freaky. Its like adopting a dog with 3 legs. :) And for 5 bucks how can you go wrong. Have a great day.
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    does live sand die?

    I transfered everything out of a 40 into a 90gallon, all except most of the 2 year old Live Sand...It took a week to get around to cleaning the 40 out...It smelled horrible, Im sure the smell was DEATH... ;) ..
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    ok!! who is eating my yellow polyps

    Put my money on the blue legs....I had a whole yellow colony mowed clean by my blue-legs...have a great day!
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    power failure!

    Buy a power inverter and hook it to a car battery.. I ran a pump and heater for 2 days. Have a great day!
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    Could I get good reef lighting for under $400

    I HATE the white PC's...YELLOW is the best description. I got 4 bulb ballast retro kit with bulbs for under $400. Thats all VHO. Have a great day!
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    Where have you mountedyour VHO ballast?

    I mounted mine inside and on the side of my stand. Have a great day!