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    Scientists find new fish

    that thang looks like a freakin alien.
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    Tang help.

    nah. man my blue tang s**ts like that in long green strands. ur blue prabably just has a constipation problem.
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    If YOU could stock my 125wide..

    scribbled angel 2 golden butterflies coris wrasse blue tang 10 blue reef chromies
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    crocodile fish?

    if you got that, im pretty sure you would be the only person in the world that had one in their home aquarium.
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    125g Stock List - Thoughts/Suggestions Please

    i would add the butterfly first because it is the most timid and peaceful of them all, but only if your tank has sufficient water quality and algae for him to eat if he does except prepared foods right away. But honestly at that size, about 3-4 inches, i dont think it would really matter that much.
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    Garibaldi damselfish

    i live in So Cal and this is what they lool like when i see them in Dana Point Harbor. They are extremely orange, and big and aggresive.
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    125g Stock List - Thoughts/Suggestions Please

    Option 1: Foxface (Regular or Magnificent) Butterfly (Saddleback, Falcula or Blackback) Harlequin Tusk Tang (Achilles, Blue&Yellow Hippo, Powder Brown, Purple or Yellow) Trigger (Blue Throat or Sargassum) Angel (Annularis, Blue-Line, Emperor, Majestic, Regal or Scribbled) I think you have an...
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    crocodile fish?

    what? can u post a pic, i have never heard of a crcodile fish before.
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    Damsels - how nasty are they?

    i would toss the black and white one but to me the turqoise and blue with yellow tail are pretty good, (at least keepers).
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    Blonde Naso needs help

    that totally sucks, nasos are like the best tangs especially when males get the streamers. -do you have a cleaner shrimp? my cleaner and fire shrimp do an awesome job of cleaning my tangs. My blue hippo will have a tiny bit of ick here and there every couple of weeks and then at night the...
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    Angel will not eat..

    keep add putting seaweed clips in every day and soon he should relize that its food and get used to the scent. -i had this gerlic stuff called "entice" by i believe seachem or salifert, that worked to start to get my sohal to eat meat.
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    show off your wrasses

    i used to have a pinstripe wrasse with my cleaner shrimp. i dont have a picture of him but. has them on the fish list with a pretty good picture.
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    Couldn't resist the temptation.....

    that things legit
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    should i take this deal???

    i would
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    What Mates Are Good With Clown Trigger?

    Originally Posted by SYNJAY6661 Amen to what you are saying on this! My girl came into our relationship know i love animals but not how much lol,she cam in look at my tank a her eyes light up and i told all about it i mean we sat in my living for for 3+ hrs just talking baout saltwater fish it...