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    Adding fish any suggestions

    Thanks everyone for your help. I wanted to wait and make sure I had a stable tank before adding more fish. It just looks so empty with only 3 little fish. I only have live rock no coral or any thrills.
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    oyster cluster

    I am considering this also, can anyone give a comment?
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    Adding fish any suggestions

    Hi everyone, I have a 75gal tank that has been running for over 2 years now. I have two False Percs and one Royal Gramma these are the original fish that I added after my tank cycled. It is now time to add some more, but I want to be careful and do my research before I add anything. My son...
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    Is there really no open auctions on

    I hope I am seeing this wrong, but when I log into I only see one Want add. There are currently no auctions open. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Selling my Corals, LR & Fish!

    Still looking to get rid of this stuff?
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    Classified Sales Forum Rules: May, 2008 [hr] This forum is for hobbyists who want to sell used aquarium equipment or supplies. No businesses are allowed. No links are permitted. If you have something to sell you will need to post the pictures/descriptions in the thread. In order to post in...
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    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Any updates?
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    220# Live Rock and Dragon Wrasse - Chicago

    Originally Posted by OneFiddy I'm in St Charles - probably only 35-40min or so from Rockford. Shoot me an email at and we can work something out if interested in the rock. How much for 75pds? I am local and will pick up.
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    Blonde Naso Tang vs Naso Tang

    Just received word my order is shipping, not sure what is shipping, but something is.
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    Blonde Naso Tang vs Naso Tang

    Thank you all for your help. Here is some background, SWF ran out of Blonds after I placed my order so now I am trying to have them just change to Naso Tang. Now if I could only get to reply to my emails to customer service I would be doing great. Is is normal for them not to...
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    Blonde Naso Tang vs Naso Tang

    That is what I was hoping. Thanks so much for your input.
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    PS3 or Wii? Help me decide...

    Is a 360 out of the question? I love it!
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    Blonde Naso Tang vs Naso Tang

    Blonde Naso Tang vs Naso Tang are there really any differences? I guess I am wondering about their hardiness, size, and algae eating abilities. Are there special requirements that one needs over the other?
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    okay a little help please...

    I would hold up on adding sand yet, because once the sand is in it is a real bear to mix in large amounts of salt properly. Do you have a garbage can and a powerhead set up yet?
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    getting out... stuff for sale

    I would be interested in the rio90 and the small mag floats