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    LFS calling LS useless without undergravel filter??

    I amwondering how a ugf would funtion with an LS...hence the name of UGF. I have never used them, have a LSB and I would think that LS would simply clog the filtration as with gravel water can flow through the UGF but with sand? I say they are outta their mind.
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    Brittle Stars, keepers?

    Thanks guys. Sound like they are staying in for now. I actually like the sally's and havent had any problems with them. The trick is to keep them fed so they arent inclined (out of necessity to live I suppose) to tackle snails and other inverts. I hear the same about the brittles. I have...
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    Brittle Stars, keepers?

    Just looking for opinions on brittle stars in a semi reef with several cleaner shrimp ,peppermint shrimp, two sally's, two emeralds and a plethera of hermits and featherdusters.....what do ya'll think? Am I looking at my shrimp dissappearing? I know the greens can be a big pain, even with...
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    Mr. Salty I thought people could email you links??

    Thank you Beth, civil and informative....a bit confusing, but not my bb and not my rules so confused I shall stay. Now, about my toaster oven... ;)
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    Mr. Salty I thought people could email you links??

    Just a question man...just a question, which actually wasnt answered but eh', oh well. :confused: :rolleyes: On another note, if I said o.k., to the very pleasant "GO SOMEWHERE ELSE" statement, most likely I would do what everyone else has done that has gotten PO'd and left the BB. Come...
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    Mr. Salty I thought people could email you links??

    I gotta ask...Who are's competitors? Surely not ANY company that sells dry goods, like lighting supplies....correct? I would assume that SW competitors would be selling only critters, corals and fish and by those standards, asking for people to email you lighting links or ANY dry goods...
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    Coral Branded Shrimp?

    I am personally not a fan of this shrimp. Those claws aint for nothing and if it can catch a fish, well, you get the idea. If its "nipping" at fish this can cause stress which can lead to the immune system weakening making it easier for the dreaded ich to rear its ugly head. Have also seen...
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    really confused!

    BTW, changing out your water if your tank has not finished cycling will do nothing for you but prolong your cycle, if not take you back to sqaure one. Also, wouldnt vaccum the sandbed as its a waste of time and a good clean up crew, sand sifters, will keep the SB clean. Not to mention, using...
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    Puffers are a really hardy fish but I would not let it go untreated as it may affect your other stock and although mine has kicked ich on his own, it is not common and why risk it. IMO, treat asap before it gets out of control. BTW, hows it coming with triggers and puffers being in there with...
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    Now i've done it!

    Yeah, its a great deal. Ill gather some pics and post the progress soon as I either get the page built or link from my buddys page. I'll keep the bb posted, thanks for the encouragement. We'll see what happens. Later, ;)
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    Now i've done it!

    Yeah its cured but the kicker is its my lfs that is ordering it for me. 2 bucks a lb! man that rocks (note the pun) They are re-stocking and I happened to get in just when they were ordering, so they tacked on an extra 50 lbs at cost. i helped them land, or rather, aqua scape a couple of...
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    Now i've done it!

    Finally got up the gumption to take my favorite fish (dog face puffer) back to the lfs. Was theonly fish in my 75 gal. bowfront tank (for those that remember). Was getting alittle tired of the nitrate issues, not having a cleaner crew, etc. So I have emptied and cleaned the tank, ordered a 50...
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    snowflake eel losing color

    I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong but it is my understanding that when fish get internal worm parasites, much like puppies, they exhibit one of two symptoms. either they look like they are pregnant or they become emaciated. Although I would think this would cause fish to eat MORE...
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    Hardiest Fish

    Im with pufferlover, My dog face could make it through an overstocked 29 gal with no filtration runing at 88 degrees with no food for a week and a PH below 7 with an SG of 1.40. Relax this never happened he has lived his entire life in a 75 gal bowfront by himself, but this guy has been...
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    A perosnal apology to kappadoku and any others I have offended.

    Guess I missed some drama while I was out of town, came back...all kinds of new people (would like to say hello) and all kinds of crazy bus. going on. I, for one, would just like to say your all a-o.k. in my book, Lion, I would like to add my name to the list of those who enjoy having you...