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    Little White trees on lr

    Try a search for Foraminiferan on SWF.
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    what is this

    The flatworm or the button polyp?
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    Bubble Coral (Plerogyra) Reproduction

    Does anyone know if bubble corals can reproduce asexaully? And if they can, what do the "babies" look like? I have what looks like twelve or so baby anemonies that are whitish in color with bubbles on or near the base of the bubble and they are not aiptasia or mojano or anything like I've seen...
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    The two best methods are either Joe's Juice or kalkwasser (that's German for lime water). Do a search for either of those terms.
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    They won't "damage" the tank but they will sting any other corals that are near them. Do yourself a favor and get rid of them ASAP.
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    Strange Algae spreading

    Just in time for halloween I'm going to have nightmares about flatworms tonight. :scared: :scared:
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    Mojano and aiptasia will spread quickly.
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    Water Chages & Pods

    I wouldn't worry about it. :happyfish
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    allergic reaction, hives?

    With open wounds it could be a number of things. Review the posts below and act accordingly.
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    help id a hitch hiker

    Looks like a Nudi to me.
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    Water Chages & Pods

    Though the siphon, yes.
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    Metal Halide Purchase.. wise?

    The problem with one lamp setups like the ones you listed is the halide lamp is in the center of the light fixture and thus is directly over the center brace of your tank. If you want to use halides, you will have to use 2 pendants to avoid melting the center brace.
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    Quick question

    My only regret is not starting out with a "reef ready" (pre-drilled) tank.
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    Best bristleworm ERADICATOR

    Two questions: 1. Why do you want get rid of your bristle worms? 2. What will the fish eat if it depletes the bristle worm population?
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    Do's Dont's Kalawasser