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    I don't want to grow up . . .

    what yr is that mustange, at first i thought it was shelby, my unlce has got a 67 350 shelby and hes the origianl owner. Its amazing, theres not a spot of rust or anything on it cause he lives in florida and the amazing part is that he drives it
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    Originally Posted by ruaround it happens in the parkinglot of Malls or Churches or Schools... the kids walk from car to car instead of from house to house... one parent walks the kids from car to car the other stays at the car and hands out candy... pretty kewl idea... cuts down on vandalism and...
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    Which protien skimmer for a 55 Gallon

    i dont get how people dont have a sump. I love the sump, i have a ruge and my P.S. all hidden. Plus its like having a 80 gallon istead of a 65 gallon for me.
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    Dropping everything and moving

    Originally Posted by shogun323 I am a survivor of Findlay, Ohio. Thank God my dad got a job transfer when I was 8 and moved us to Clearwater, Florida. I wouldnt leave here for anything!! Thanks for rubbing it in!
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    Dropping everything and moving

    im in cleveland. I like the ohio summers. its just every other season but summer sucks. I wanna go somewhere different, not california, somwhere out of america maybe. I dont know im only 17 though.........My brother was a foriegn exchanged student in germany for a year except i dont know if i...
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    Dropping everything and moving

    i dont wanna leave cause of problems, more like boredom.
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    Dropping everything and moving

    Has anyone ever just dropped everything, including friends, family, house etc. and just moved. I mean maybe not abandoning your friends and family but just completely moving away out of state or country? I wanna do this when i turn like 21 to anywhere that is nice and has nice beaches. I wont...
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    thanks for all the help. I didnt take the practice SATs, and i dont think i can. I guess i will give the SATs a shot but, not to be down on myself, i most likely wont do well from what my teachers have told me about the test. I passed all the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGTs) with advanced scores...
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    how many people here went or are going to college? I dont know yet, i wanna go to get a degree and get a good job but i suck at high school as it is. Most colleges want you to take 2-3 yrs of foriegn language but i failed french2 sophmore year and didnt retake it cause i cant sit in a classroom...
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    Anyone get and F in high school?

    Originally Posted by Speg I think I did really good in high school. I was there for 5 years (almost 6). I nearly got straight F's every quarter.. I rocked :P Im not about to fail any grades but i suck at all my classes except horticulture. My brain is friiiieeeed i think. High school sucks just...
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    what is/was your first car

    Originally Posted by zanoshanox Here it is. It's a '92 Honda Prelude with a spyder custom body kit, cold air intake, DC headers, racing module, and a bunch of other adons. Quarter mile=13.8 (best time) Can i ask you somthing? You allready have that car and you dont even have your license? Do...
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    White Sox / Indians BS

    I live in cleveland so i guess i am pissed but, tribe won 8-2 today!
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    How to tell if starfish is dead

    How do you tell? Mine hasnt moved in like a day and even before that he didnt move much. I bought him saturday. Will his color fade?
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    Marine Biosediment

    anyone use it? What were the results?
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    Red Sea Star

    Well there may be the problem ..........i got my starfish and acclimated it for about 20 minutes. I should have asked you guys this before i bought him! I never read that you had to do that with a starfish! He has moved like 4 inches since i put him in there yesturday. He came out of a 90 gal...