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    acclimating shrimp

    Mike I feel your pain! Today I picked up a new pep trying to acclimate it now. I did a drip the last 2 times for an hour the first time and 2 the second. Both died almost immediately after being dropped in the tank. it is frustrating and I hope this one is a fighter and will survive
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    Acclimating peppermint shrimp

    and you have to drip acclimate correct? not just get the temp the same and dump it in?
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    Irritated Zoa's

    Also I have a frogspawn above the zoa's so maybe that is irritating them? I will move it anyway just to be safe. Thanks all
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    Irritated Zoa's

    so how much of the lugal's would you need to use for a dip? I am in a similar situation so all help is also appreciated by me!
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    Anemone Splitting? excited --- IT SPLIT!!!!

    That had to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen with this hobby! I took a video and took a ton of pics. too bad the tank lights were off.this was crazythe small strand snapped and they are fully separated 2:30 am. sooooo cool to watch!!!!
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    Anemone Splitting? excited --- IT SPLIT!!!!

    Definitely splitting. Tank lights are off now but i snapped a few pics with a flash. only a tiny strand holding them together now
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    Anemone Splitting? excited --- IT SPLIT!!!!

    Can anyone confirm that this is what is going on? I mean I have never had one split before but i cant imagine its just moving. top picture was taken a few days ago. bottom was taken less than 5 minutes ago
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    BTA fragging

    Great thread. Shocking video...
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    New RBTA Bleached?

    I think it is already getting a little more red. It keeps moving around the tank (just a few inches). It is eating pretty much everything I put near it. Lmecher what is Zoa & Selcon? I have been feeding it brine shrimp and it ate some flake fish food as well. Can you over feed?
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    New RBTA Bleached?

    I recently bought this RBTA and it had just recently split from the original rbta. When I first saw it I did not think it was bleached I just thought it was a baby. My clowns are not hosting, and from what im reading this is possibly a good thing considering it may be stressed out already.
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    ocellaris and a bubble tip

    Dee did you try posting the picture on the tank? I have a problem where they wont even look at it. I tried the picture thing in the past and it didnt work. any other tips / methods to get them to host?
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    10G lighting Q:?

    Power Compact
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    should i get an anemone

    ok so what wattage are we talking for a healthy anemone? i am thinking of going with a 96 w. pc quad fixture. Do you guys think that would work for a BTA? If not I am thinking of going with a viper clamp on 150w MH.
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    should i get an anemone

    why dont they do well under pc's??
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    Lights for a 14 gal ?

    did you end up buying the quad fixture? happy w/ it? I am in a similar situation with an eclipse setup and I am thinking of buying this light or retrofitting in a halide.