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    Are non-photo coral more aggresive?

    Well I am no pro by any means with these. This is my first gorg and all my care taking knowledge is what I've gathered on the internet that works best. There is only a hand full of people that I know of that have keep these alive for long periods of time (longer then a year). No one really knows...
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    Are non-photo coral more aggresive?

    Oh and what are these mucus strands your has. I've not noticed this happening to mine at all. I have seen a few strands of vermetid snails snag on mine but nothing that looks like the gorg is causing it. Sculpin
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    Are non-photo coral more aggresive?

    That is a very interesting observation and I'll have to keep an eye on my tank to see if I'm having any ill effects. I've had my blueberry in for a month now and it appears to be doing very well. I've even noticed a few spots healing up but I have not noticed any problems with my coral until...
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    Gorgonian ID?

    There is some prudence that needs to be taken when saving critters. Some things are near impossible to revive or are so challenging to keep that it's not even worth trying. I've saved a few coral but it takes a solid system and a watchful eye. However when it does end up working out it's...
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    Peppermint Shrimp dying

    Did you float the bag for 30 minutes or drip acclimation for 30 minutes? Invertebrates are very very sensitive to abrupt changes in water chemistry, including some trace elements. Make sure you drip acclimate if you didn't already. Good luck Sculpin
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    Wow! I think I'm in over my head... Help!

    Originally Posted by Oceansidefish Looks good but I would get that Choc Chip star out of the tank....Also you are certainly not over stocked...Personally I think a Twinspot Hogfish and a midas blenny would make a great addition. A hawkfish would be nice as well Oh don't worry about the...
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    Wow! I think I'm in over my head... Help!

    Originally Posted by 97wing Great tank... What are the green/brown pin wheel looking things at the top of this photo? Thanks, Steve Eagle Eyes zooanthids. Here is the main colony- Sculpin
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    my first hitchhiker

    There is no way it's a mantis shrimp. I would be a little careful with him for the time being. Put him in your sump or an isolation tank till you can get more info. He sure is cool looking. Good catch. Sculpin
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    Wow! I think I'm in over my head... Help!

    I just thought I would stop in and give probably my last update. I've learned allot over the past year and have managed to keep most everything alive and well. Check out the pic and let me know what you think. I am still learning and by no means a pro. And thank you guys all so much for helping...
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    BTA Peeking out

    This sounds like the same problem I had with mine. When I first got it it found a little corner behind a rock and hid for like two weeks. It slowly started to peak out then BAM! And here it is today- When mine started peaking out I fed it krill for a while and now it eats a silverside every...
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    Gorgonian ID?

    Hm, kinda does look like yours. Nice tank BTW. Sculpin
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    Gorgonian ID?

    I just recently purchased one of these. After about 3-4 hours of research and even having to translate some info from German, there has only been a hand full of people in the whole world that have managed to keep these alive for longer then a year. They have very high demands of husbandry and...
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    Subie's new duncan

    Those are beautiful! They look allot like min. I bought one head about 3 months ago and its doubled in size and I now have 4 side heads, all about the size of a quarter with two more baby heads coming in. I love these guys. Sculpin
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    Pucker Up!!

    I just wanted to show off a pic of my Cynarina while I was feeding it the other day. I think it looks really funny, don't you? Pucker Up!! Sculpin
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    Help with ID

    #5 doesn't look like a gsp to me, it looks more like a Ricordea mushroom, and the 4th looks like a Stylophora or some kind of Acropora but from the pick it's hard to tell. #3 looks like a chalice but I could be wrong. I second ya on the first two though. Sculpin