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    Anybody in SOFL not have a heater like myself?

    That sounds just like mine. 78 degrees without the need of a heater.
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    Looking for this xenia

    True, I also have a lot of it but it does not ship well.
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    Camera ? for taking reef pics

    I think thats the same camera I use to take my pics. My trick is I use a magnifying lens in front of the camera lens.
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    xenia help

    Make sure you keep a close eye on it, so it doesnt take over your tank. They have a sting like an anemone and will kill polyps and mushrooms.
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    Found new hitch hikers (pods?)

    I have copepods but I also have some pods that look like baby shrimp but moving super fast. I have not been able to take a picture yet.
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    Please help What’s the problem that im having

    I can see you got yourself a bigger tank but you havent got your self a bigger filter. Try a wetdry filter, it could make the difference for the increased volume of water. Also try to increase the water circulation in the tank. Welcome to the board.
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    How do Urchins grow?

    They usually grow larger while still attached. If the spines are falling off that means there is something wrong with it.
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    FW dip or not? Help please?

    If you can get a QT you wont have to stress you fish or corals by dipping them in fresh water.
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    xenia help

    You can get a sewing needle and a thin piece of fishing line and run it thru the bottom of it once and tie the line to the rock where you want it. Within a few days it will attatch it self to the rock. After it does then you can cut the line and pull it out.
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    Light Question

    It will brighten up your tank, It will produce more heat and it will increase your electric bill but it is a better light in my opinion.
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    A yellow tang would do just fine. It will become a point of attraction.
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    alk and ph problem

    Re-test your water. If you have a problem with one of them usually two of them are out of wack. One would be too high and the other too low.
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    Did I kill all of my corals??

    Unfortunatelly it is on her way out. Ricordeas are like anemonies, once they spill their guts out thats it for them.
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    whats on my tang?

    Be carefull dipping your salt water fish in fresh water. It may cause pop-eye which if untreated will eventually kill your fish.
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    Pulsing Xenia Question

    I have a few polyps of Xenia in my tank and I can tell you that mine pulsates when water movement is poor. at night they close down into a ball, during day time they are opened to the light. If you want it to spread in a particular direction simply aim a small water stream to the polyps. Within...