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    125 Gallon 4 sale

    just sump and overflow that i have was roughly 500 give or take tax. will sale for 250...Its CPR cyclone sump/overflow/bio filter/mechanical filter.
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    125 Gallon 4 sale

    i would rather sale all lights and acc. at once than just parting and ending up with various peices parts that would be useless sorry, shep
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    125 Gallon 4 sale

    125 Gallon tank custom stand Tank had hanging pendants, but also have makshift canopy which would look nice if stained and trimmed 2-175 MH blueline bulbs sockets & ballasts 1-IceCap 660 ballast 1-CPR sump and overflow 2-MAXI-JET 700 pumps 4-6 powerheads 220 lbs arragonite and sand mix 20-40 lbs...
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    It has came back again. Nothing in water has shown a change and I have tested everything but the texture of the stand. I am anout to give up and go fish only. This is twice in a year and I have not done anything different than before. Could this be intorduced from new inhabitants and just grow...
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    Splitting Up A Toadstool

    I have actually just cut off a chunk of one and used super glue gel to stick it to rock and it done fine. Twice now and no problems.
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    eel in open tank?

    I have had snake nosed spotted that died of old age and currently have snowflake. If fed well they don't wander very much, but if you do have problems, fiberglass screen wire works great to cover holes. Caution if you have losbster's snowflakes will snack on them hard. However they will allow...
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    fed up with it?

    IT's all worth it but over time I have had so many things go wrong and then it hit me last week and got under my skin.
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    Looking for Lighting feedback

    Bang, Unsure of all posts prior and I may be repeating... At anyrate I just toped mine and it's a 125. I done the new canopy with 3 250 MH 10Kgermans and 4 48" vho's 2actnic 2 white. I will take a picture in the morning when all the lights are on but dont laugh to hard. The lighting you will...
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    fed up with it?

    Does anyone ever have so many meaningless little problems in a week that they want to just give up? The thing overflowed the skimmer collection jug while I was asleep, still don't know why skimmer went nuts, The massive water loss from skimmer going nuts drained sump, pump burnt up from no water...
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    Snowflake Moray

    I know I shouldn't havebut I put him in my tank. He has left alone all the shrimp but ate a lobseter so far. He stays away from the cleaners and he coral banded, but will he continue this? He was in tank with numerous inverts and hadn't had any probs with them before. Maybe lobster just pissed...
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    I have changed lights several times and ended up with 4x48" VHO bulbs and 3 250w MH lamps at 10K. Everything is doing good and sems to thrive at this level and I am going to try a clam or two once I get the LR reconstrction and moving done.
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    Another Mantis - terminated

    I think the mantis is cool looking and wanted to start atank or one. how many have them and have devoted tank just to them? And what success have you had and what are pros and cons of doing it?
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    how do you tell male female? I had two that I ought an one never made shipping and the other died within a month. W as this due to companion loss?
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    lagoon to reef?

    I have started the change from lagon tnk to reef and started adding rock. Skimmer went nuts and overflowed into floor and stand, tank looks like hell but no upset in bio load so far. I am now up to 235 lbs of rock in the tank and I am estimating maybe 300 to 350 before I get where I want to be...
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    help building a canopy for a 125

    I done mine with 1X12's for sides with 3.5 inch hang from top lip, and 1X6's across the top with vent holes in between. If you dont have acess to table saw or mitre saw, just use some corner molding to cover the imperfections. Also keep in mind if you place a nail or screw somewhere you have to...