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    This new IPad's super cool... What do I do with it?

    You gotta get the Kindle App.
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    So I stopped drinking soda like 3 years ago...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Darthtang AW any guy drinking wine deserves to be kicked in his mangina. or an active victim of bum fights. darth (beer) Tang p.s. shogun stopped by? p.p.s.s. isnt champagne carbonated wine? wouldnt it be easier to just by cheap champagne Hahhah I still linger buddy...
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    So I stopped drinking soda like 3 years ago...

    No soda for me. Just water, coffee, beer and scotch. I do indulge in Moster Energy Rehabs sometimes. They are a magical cure for the hangover.
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    I'm going to kill a few fish this weekend......

    LOL. Great thread!!! Quote: Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 I love to fish. But I'm not good at it. I go once or twice a year. I mostly fish off the docks or on the edge of a pond. I don't have or have access to a boat. The good news is that fishing is lot like s_x, you don't have to be good...
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    Why are the forums slowing down so much?

    I find it a little humorous that the first thing I see when I check back in is a thread about the forums being slow and things that should be changed. :) 1: IMO forums as a whole social platform seem to have slowed down simply due to social networking. All the various forums I am on have slowed...
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    anyone on here from england?

    I'm not from England but I love, Bass Ale, London Pride and Newcastle. Does that count?
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    Hey all its been awhile!!!

    Welcome Back Mike!!!
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    Anyone in the Tampa area?

    Thats great. Did you walk around Channelside at all?
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    Anyone in the Tampa area?

    I would agree that the aquarium here is mediocre. I havent been in a few years. Last time I was there they were going through renovations and it's supposed to be much better now. Heck I'd go just to zone out in front of the leafy sea dragon display!! Channelside, where the aquarium is located...
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    Your Favorite Forums Memory

    Quote: Originally Posted by Darthtang AW Actually I hav e a better memory........... Tobin. 5he day he passed was sad...but at the sametime the community here had its own memorial thread going and lent jen the strength she needed........poem I posted was used at the funeral. I was going to say...
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    This isn't the onion! Snake Dies of Silicone Poisoning After Biting Model's Fake boobies!

    Poor snake. I nearly died myself from looking at the alleged model. She is scary!!
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    Da Mimzinator!!!!
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    How long have you been here in this forum?

    It seems like forever ago when I joined. There were tons of shenanigans in the Aquarium those days. People were getting banned left and right.
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    Cat vs. Gator

    This is amazing and I promise no animals are harmed in this clip.
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    Crashed the track bike this past weekend

    Saw what you mean about tucking the front. Thank God the fine people of Alpinestars did their work to keep you in one piece!!