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    All in all they're just scavengers feeding on whatever is around. They'll eat left over food and detritus for that matter. I wouldn't be worried in the least. Even when they get 6in or so, they're not going to take down anything remotely healthy in terms of fish or inverts. Cheers Aaron
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    Pics from Norman Reef, QLD (9 pics)

    Canon Powershot S1 IS with Canon WP-DC20 housing. No strobe as of yet unfortunately. Aaron
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    Pics from Norman Reef, QLD (9 pics)

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I'd been touching this photo up in photoshop for the past day so I thought I'd post it. There was quite a lot of backscatter to get rid of.
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    White Brain Coral

    Not sure what species of brain coral you're talking about but no healthy brain coral will be "white". There are some genera such as Platygyra (pic attached) that can have light cream colors, but never distinct white. White would indicate bleaching. You have a pic of what you're talking about. Aaron
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    Putting Faces to the Names

    Me doing what I love doing most...diving. the second one is me making a call on my new cucumber cell phone
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    Pics from Norman Reef, QLD (9 pics)

    pic 6 Orange skunk clown over anemone pic 7 crazy lookin nudi pic 8 Dendronephthya ?? pic 9 Sunrise yesterday morning
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    Pics from Norman Reef, QLD (9 pics)

    Did a short liveaboard this weekend up in Cairns. Diving was great...thought I'd share some pics. Aaron pic 1 nudibranch pic 2 gorgonian with crinoid pic 3 another nudi pic 4 crinoid with sunburst pic 5 yet another nudi
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    Odd pair

    Originally Posted by brandiemay Condy Anemones are white with occassional colored tips. I had one and my clowns never paid it any attention. I've read that it's very rare for them to host in a Condy, you got lucky. There is a difference between white...and off white to cream. The shade of white...
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    Anyone kept or tried to keep carnation corals?

    From the pic it looks like yours is from the genus Scleronepthya. The species in Dendronephthya are generally called Carnations but no matter. People tend to say that the Sclero's are easier than the Dendro's but not too much success has been had with either to prove it. Have you noticed any...
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    coral id

    Instead of a green hydro he might have meant a green hydno as in hydnophora. Does it have a hard skeleton? Nice piece regardless. Good on ya Aaron
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    LFS at it again for a dollar from a newbie

    Just try to keep in mind everyone had to start their knowledge in the industry from somewhere. Some also don't care to know more about their tank as long as its pretty and nothing is dying. I'm not making excuses for them, but its those people who the lfs should be trying to steer in the right...
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    Algae/Coral ID PLEASE??

    Well about the best I can do is tell you its probably from the Rhodophyta phylum (red algae). But thats probably not all that surprising. I have a rhodophyta algae key I'll take a quick look at and see if I can find out. Good on ya Aaron
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    Name the Funky Ball thing

    Sponge has my vote as well.
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    stock list

    Its a little uncommon with some chromis but often in the wild Acanthurids (surgeonfish) for schools with other fish for protection. Usually I've seen them with parotfish but not chromis as of yet. You can see their behavior change when in a school and not. They dont seem to mind about the...
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    stock list

    Its possible with 5 yellow tangs they might have some problems with aggression. Other than that you have a pretty good stock list. I'd maybe think about changing the 5 yellow tails for a species of chromis just out of aggression once again. But at the same rate in a 225 they might be fine. Good...