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    Pumps for Sale

    Is the Iwaki a Japanese or US motor?
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    FS: Iwaki 70 1500gph External Water Pump

    Hey there-- is it a Japanese or American motor?
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    75g setup for sale

    Hey, friend, are you willing to part out?
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    FS 2 special fish-regal angel & golden pygmy angel

    Those both look great, but, Golden Pygmies are $89 on Marine Center...
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    6 line wrasse/Fairy wrasse compatability

    I've heard a lot of stories about six-lines being real jerks. Even one friend of mine who's a total aquarium guru has had problems adding fish after a six-line. But I think adding them near-last would cause fewer problems.
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    SPS without halides?

    T5s are, in many ways, better than halides... they just don't have the reputation or distribution. If you put a par meter at the bottom of a 24" tall tank, the par rating for T5s is better. AND they use slightly less electricity, AND the bulbs last longer. However, you can also grow SPS with...
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    55 Gal for $30.00 in VA

    Where in VA? Does it have a stand? Is there a thread I can check out from before for the details?
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    thanks, guys! I'm doing well with the zoas and rics I have now, so this is pure speculation, but I'll keep your advice in mind. What is everyone's idea of a god feeding regimen? Would they eat oyster eggs? I do an oyster egg/DT's mix for my rics and fan worms... (I aggressively change my...
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    Any gorgonian experts around these parts? I know all the basics; high-flow, constant feedings, etc. But i'm considering a blueberry gorgonian for my reef and want to really hear people's opinions, experiences, and advice on the topic... Thanks!
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    Dartfish parasite of some kind?

    So, my dude is worse. I still really don't think it's ich. Ich is a little "hairier" than these spots, and I really saw one of them moving. I think it's some kind of wormlike parasite. ANy suggestions? They're directly under the skin, but I don't even know how I'm supposed to catch him to...
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    Dartfish parasite of some kind?

    Hey all, I have a male purple firefish in my 29 with a ton of zoas and a pair of scooter dragonets. He's a relatively new pickup (last couple weeks) and he's been totally fine through the acclimation process. Just today, however, I noticed he was acting 1% off, and I took a closer look. On his...
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    Orange Spotted Blenny

    Make sure you have hair algae for them to eat...
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    What am I getting my self into. Can anyone help.

    Not sure why he needs PC 50/50 lighting just for a FOWLR...? Black, I would go for it if you get a good deal but I wouldn't go out of your way to get "mid-level" lighting just for fish... Anyway, BEST OF LUCK!!
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    Fairy Wrasses

    wouldn't you want to get a female (or a male if the current one is a female) of the same species so you can witness their displays? Do you know what species it is?
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    Sexing firefish

    Hey guys... any ideas on sexing firefish (purples in particular)? I guess firefish or dartfish in general is also pretty useful information...