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    Can anyone i dentify this? powder brown tang spot next to fin by guill.
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    protein skimmer

    That will probably do something like 800 gallon.
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    Finger leather

    Week or so
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    LED fixture question

    Search twilight group co ltd they are UL listed and ce. They have a 3yr warranty best thing i ever bought for my tank.
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    "Really Do I look like a frog"
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    Why is my torch dying??

    I had the same thing happen to me. 2 heads 1 split into 2 had 3 then they died right after split confused the hell out of me cause i just brought a pin head size lobo back to the size of a quarter in the same tank. The Lobo is still growing strong.
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    Instant Death, Why?

    Carbon is ok but not for a long period of time. Activated carbon has been used for many years in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums for a number of purposes. What Is Activated Carbon? Activated Carbon is also called activated charcoal, activated coal or carbo activatus. Activated carbon...
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    My teal carpet anemone

    Little over a year .
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    How do I get the nitrates down?

    What kind of water you using? what kind of filtration you have? How often do you feed? Is everything being eaten or is it going to the bottom? What type of food are you feeding? If its brine shrimp STOP. Its loaded with nitrates. Put a little in some saltwater then check that water you will be...
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    ID Please

    Ill think i will go with Orange Surprise.
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    ID Please

    Barn fire paly????
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    ID Please

    got 8 of these at a lfs and frag them and now have lots just dont know the name of them. They are kind of nice though.[/URL][/IMG]
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    Little humor

    [/URL][/IMG] hehehehe
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    HELP Precision Marine Skimmer

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    HELP Precision Marine Skimmer

    Not sure if that the bullet one or two try this here link hope they let me post it for you.