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    NCAA Championchip

    this year's tourney was unpredictable as always. My cat's(UofA) will come back next year!
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    clown killing xenia? please read...

    awww, looks like your clowns are lookin for a new home. You should go pick up an anemone or maybe some hairy mushrooms. I suggest a BTA, but hey, you know me.:D :D :D
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    Getting fish out of tank

    people will hate me for saying this, but if it comes down to it and you can't get them out for the life of you, you could always just crank the temperature way up, or drop it way down and wait for them to float to the top. ;)
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    Anemone recommendation

    here's my orange-tipped BTA, i love it.
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    feeding tube anenome

    arion4, I just wanted to let you know that anemones do not need clowns to survive. Good luck finding a new clown for that anemone though.
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    bad crab....eating my tube anenome

    that is one big frickin crab!
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    I got this from another board...

    excellent post!
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    Bubble Bath

    both the hermit and the bubble are perfectly fine.:D :p :D
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    Bubble Bath

    One of my hermit crabs decided to go cliff jumping right into my bubble coral and he got stuck. I had to get a picture before I fished him out.
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    How does my anemone look (pic)

    Nope, this guy is an orange-tipped BTA. Here's another pick now that he has settled into my tank. Now his foot is starting to stick out the other side of the hole that he decided to make his home...
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    How does my anemone look (pic)

    Looks great to me! Seems to have improved a lot. Here's a pic of my BTA when i just put him into my tank, i'll share another pic of him once the lights in the tank go on.
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    I'm thinking of getting a pair of percs or tomatoes...not sure whether or not to go for true of false percs. Tiffster, did you do anything special to get your percs to go into your BTA?
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    Try soaking the brine in a garlic supplement, they will never pass that up unless there is something seriously wrong. Other than that, they could just be getting used to their new environment.
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    Idoine Dip for mushroom?

    Iodine does more than help only shrimps and crabs, however, more than just a little iodine can be deadly to just about everything in a reef environment including mushrooms. I would discourage an iodine dip, just my opinion though.
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    COTW: Bubble coral

    I love these bubbles. Mine has only been in my tank for about a month now and is already growing at an alarming rate. Pretty soon I may have to get rid of him for something smaller seeing as My tank is only an 18g. These guys are very hardy corals. The only thing you need to be careful of is...