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    slap on some green star grass and enjoy.
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    Can you see UV filter light?

    I didnt say it was a good idea to look at it, but it does put out visible light. the coralife unit i have has a small diffused window on one end to let you know the light is on. it always pointed away from me, and I could see the glow against the wood under the tank stand.
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    No. the skimmer is supposed to bubble the water up to the neck below the collection cup. Only a bubbly froth should creep over the top edge into the cup. Micro bubbles are sometimes a bi-product of skimmers. You should have some sort of bubble trap before the return pump. What size tank...
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    Can you see UV filter light?

    i plugged in my uv sterilizer the other day without the cover on it. it gave off light, blue-ish, similar to a tanning bed color, plenty of light like a small or weak lamp.
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    frogspawn detaching

    i see that in my tank from time to time. I always thought one of the fish picked it off. but it is always full and fluffy as it floats by...
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    Algae from hell

    u need an RO DI unit.
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    Hunting Rifle

    I have a Winchester Short Magnum, Super Shadow in Stainless, 300 cal. sweeeeeet. light, deadly accurate, not too long, easy on the shoulder believe it or not. love it, love it, love it.
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    210 Oceanic 7 Footer For Sale

    Where are you getting the 540 gallon tank from? I have been searching for a deal on one that big.
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    recent pics

    that anemone moved one day off the reef and decided to stick to the glass. It moved into the rocks , hidden for a while, then back to the glass.been there for several weeks now, maybe months. the clowns are faithful, where it goes , they go. one more, its bed time....Matt
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    recent pics

    couple more pics including the very camera shy spotted rabbit fish. he is just like my dog, see the camera and run.
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    how many power heads?

    how many power head should i have in my 180 gal tank.(72x24x24) Currently (no pun intended) all are maxi jet 1-4oo maxi 2-900 maxi 1-1200 maxi and the return pump mag 18 (maybe mag 24 cant remember) providing some flow, but not much, seems low to me. the maxi 400 doesnst do didly. It was...
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    recent pics

    just though I would throw these out there for self gratification. and others to enjoy as well.
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    Post pics of your: Leather toadstools

    my favorite, (this month!)
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    Cuntruction of my Aquasacping.

    i use the pyramid method, creating caves along the way
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    move tank

    I have been tossing and turning as to whether or not to move my tank. I am trying to find the easiest way to do so. I want to drain the water (and fish) , slide the tank and stand across the room, and lift the tank into its new location, a few inches higher. I would like to keep all the rock...