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    Starfish Dicing

    i cringe at the thought
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    Help with coral info!!

    it depends on your lighting, most softies and lps are fine with t5 like you have, but the sps(birds nest,blue echinata) may not be, they love alot of flow and mh for lighting, but mushrooms, zoas, leathers, brains and candy canes will be fine, all of these come in some great colour morphs...
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    help with blue jaw pair

    If that dosn't work, live ghost shrimp almost always does!
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    Got a new coral

    nice, i hope it does well, looks great!
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    Pics of my Tank

    whats the stock list flag fin potters damsel snowflake eel porc puff coris wrasse blue throat trig cleaner wrasse??? hope ya got good filtration!
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    Cut on Puffer? (pics)

    its weird cos it really looks like a flat worm! it's probs not one, but it looks like one, other than that i dont know.
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    Top 10 most DANGEROUS dog breeds

    i agree with crimzy on this one, my uncle has been a grade behaviorist, all his life allmost, and he has come across some really ignorant ppl that make there pit or dob cuddly wuddly all his life then bam 8 yrs later the background starts to kick in, he has had pits and blue heelers his whole...
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    Butterfly update (pic/vids)

    awsome fish you have there, sorry to hear about the longsnout.
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    Angels, Tangs, or snowflake eels

    its luck of the draw, with that sized tank tho you can do alot of things, you can deffinently keep a pygmy angel with a large angel, but its a bit different with large with large and pygmy with pygmy, i have a changing annularis and im about to put a slightly larger adult emporer, as long as the...
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    so how about chris brown allegedly beating rihanna?

    wow its weird cos i still see him as a kid....
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    Piercings anyone?

    Originally Posted by happityLogan Originally Posted by happityLogan Originally Posted by happityLogan I want this one. these made my stomick turn, i cant even look at the guy with all those face piercings! not a fan
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    Angels eating aiptasia?

    my blue ring angel had a field day on my 20 somthing aptasia in my tank when i put him in thank god for him!
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    ID anyone??? please

    Originally Posted by Freeborder_01 brown turdsters i think what is with you today!
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    so why

    welllllll so..rry !!! i cant help having a dirty mind
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    so why

    Originally Posted by Freeborder_01 not just chatting care to elaberate!