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    Compatible tangs

    I have a 72g hex (still cycling), with about 30-40 lbs of LR, with about another 50 lbs. to be added (before fish introduction, ofcourse). I know about all the rules on loading a tank but not have not yet gotten into tangs, this is why I ask. I know certain tangs cannot be housed together...
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    Compatible tangs

    I havent done much research on it yet but I was wondering what kind of tangs can be housed in the same tank. I have seen yellows and blue hippos in the same tank at the LFS but that is really not a reliable source to go by. Your input is appreciated, thanks.
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    OT: who has huskies?

    here is my best friends Husky, Kodia. She is a beautiful dog but has unfortunetley passed on in the passsed couple of weeks. She was a great dog.
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    OT: who has huskies?

    not a husky either but this is my evil little ripley as a pup. she has grown some since...
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    How many fishes?

    i have: 1- blue damsel 1- bangai cardinal 1- fire fish 1- tomato clown also: 3- camel back shrimp 1- cleaner shrimp 2- feather dusters it's a nice peaceful little community
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    How often do you do a h2o change? (honestly)

    if i do a change once a week i do 5 gallons if i do a change once every other week i do 10 gallons.
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    Something on my lr.

    if it was covered in plastic/shrink wrapped it is not live rock. you probably have dead coral. live rock is sold out of a tank filled with water with a lot of other rocks in it. this is why research is key before going to the lfs and spending $$$.
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    Adding a cardinal fish?

    i think by adding the cardinal you may be pushing the limits on your 10g. smaller tanks are not as forgiving as larger ones and will be much harder to maintain if a problem arises.
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    Help!!! What's growing on my new Live Rock???

    check this out it may help a bit. <a href="" target="_blank">web page</a>
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    How long do you keep lights on for?

    on at noon, off at 2am
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    opinoins on prizm skimmer

    i am using one on a 33g and it works fine. the only thing you need to do is tweek it alot, but other than that i am happy with the prizm.
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    New LR... use the skimmer or no?

    hey, I'm a Yankee Fan! ;) ;) :D
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    New to Hobby!!!!

    yes i have to agree with fish for life, this book is an excellent book for the saltwater beginner. The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert Fenner: 2 thumbs up
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    Sound off on what you feed your fish!

    flake, frzn brine, fzn plankton
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    why was i banned

    maybe it was a mistake. did you get into an arguement with someone on the boards? upset a shark? since you are back on I would assume it was a glitch in the system.