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    WTB: 90 gallon with stand in MI, OH, or IN

    I would be willing to drive to OH, IN, or MI if the price was right for a 90 gallon setup. Glass or acrylic, if glass i would like it to be drilled or have an overflow. Also would like a stand. If it has a canopy, lighting, or anything else thats always good too! Email me at...
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    Xmas tree worm

    might want to not post this in the classifieds section. a xmas tree worm doesnt need light to survive, the coralline should be fine with some light
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    95 Gal. Reef Ready Acrylic Aquarium

    yeah i would also be interested in just the tank stand and canopy if noone else was but where is the seller?
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    my refugium is coated with salt

    does anyone else even have this problem? would using a durso standpipe for my drain help reduce the amount of air being sucked in?
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    Is this kind of rock bad to have in your tank?

    they look like some kind of quartz or feldspar lol im j/k im in geology right now and i hate learning all these damn rock names. but that really is what it looks like. i dont think those will hurt anything, but you never know if a rock is pure, it could have traces of copper in it or other...
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    The Best Love Song??

    d'yer mak'er
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    Electra Subs....

    well all this was bought when i worked at circuit city so double the prices for a regular customer lol. alpine mp3 head unit $230 alpine 200Wx2 amp $150 2 alpine type E subs $150 4 infinity 6.5" speakers $60 so for less than 600 bucks this system sounds so clean and is so loud, and the bass is...
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    help, fish swallowed bubbles

    lol it looks like aqua blue in the picture
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    help, fish swallowed bubbles

    i have to say, i think that tank looks gorgeous. i am saving your pictures so i have something to look off of when i get my new one. what size is it? and what color background is that?
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    Mushroom ricordia polyps

    yeah i ordered one and it was attached to a shell so i just put it somewhere where i thought it wouldnt get knocked over. but i hate my crabs so they knocked it over and it died before i realized it was in the shade
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    my refugium is coated with salt

    does anyone have a good way to dump the drain line from the display into the fuge without making so many bubbles? i have tried so many ways but it is impossible to get a pure water flow. the millions of large bubbles it creates pop and get the sides and top of my fuge wet and then when it...
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    what causes a single colony of zoos to just die??

    I have about 10 different frags/colonies of zoos in my tank. all of the sudden, my orange zoos were always half open, and now completley closed and dead looking. also around the same time i had some sort of tree coral i forget the name, which was grwoing quite large, and all the sudden wilted...
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    dKH reading off the charts? how?

    ok. ill try with a non colorblind person once too. what is the target dkH i would want? thanks alot guys
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    dKH reading off the charts? how?

    i have the alk, but have not used it yet. yes i used the seachem calcium. so far i have used kent superbuffer dKh for my buffer, but i have not used it for a long time. i used it when i started my tank to get the ph right and then about once a month after that. i never tested before now