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    Thought I would say hi!

    Hi Guys, Thought I would just pop a line and say a big hi-de-ho to the guys who made saltwaterfishkeeping a real pleasure :) Hope all is well - to fill you in I had to sell my setup about 6 months ago as being a student i just couldnt afford to keep it going! Anyway the good news is for those...
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    is this Aiptasia ?

    ok its a big one! if you can get a better picture it will be worth adding to that thread! btw where in Indiana is where you are from? Im coming to Fort Wayne end of Feb! Tim.
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    Fishy Died :(

    LOL well nit picked, you are right I meant to say ARE NOT the most welcoming!!!! Ill edit it now, Tim.
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    Mandarin Owners!

    Hi Guys, I bought a Mandarin yesterday (Psychadelic version), he seems to be thoroughly enjoying my tank, and is in excellent shape (see photo). Hes been hunting and nipping at all the rocks, which I take to be a good sign. I also saw him excreting (i know, lucky me eh) so he must be eating...
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    is this Aiptasia ?

    not sure, have a look at my thread in this forum from ages ago on aiptasia, there a lots of pics there to compare. Tim.
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    Introducing my new Mandarin!

    Hi Guys! Here is my new Mandarin I bought! Shes a beautiful specimin. Hopefully she will like the taste of yummy flatworms, failing that she is a wonderful addition to any aquarium. They need an established tank of 1 year plus with plenty of pods. Hopefully I have plenty of pods which will keep...
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    as said in other post, Fluval 304 is good :) Useful for storing Carbon/PO4 sponge and the like. Tim.
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    bubble algae

    yes if burst, it will spread spores all over your tank and you will be over run. You can remove it naturally by getting a Green Mithrax/Emerald crab, or by taking the rock out of the tank and then removing manually. Dont try to remove it manually under the tank. Tim.
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    water circulation? PLEASE!

    I use a Fluval 304, which is normally empty apart from when I use Carbon/PO4 sponge. Creates good water disturbation too. Tim.
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    Cloudy Water

    OKie dokie, you might want to buy a second hand/cheap cannister filter just for times like this, or when you need to run a medical treatment and you need carbon. or perhaps a PO4 sponge... Tim.
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    Fishy Died :(

    No dont leave the fish in there, it could/will cause an ammonia spike and all hell will break lose. Only in a massive tank with a tiny fish might it not matter. Very unlikely it died by the power of a powerhead. More likely that it was stressed and bullied by the damsels, if not when you saw it...
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    Need help with high phosphate reading

    buy a PO4 sponge (Kent do a great one that also removes SiO2 (Silicates) and is re-usable) which you can put in your cannister filter and will soak up all PO4's.
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    Are these nass. snails?

    I only have two nassarius that survived my substrate change! Im ordering 25 more from a friend in the US who will ship (also getting 20 scarlets, 25 turbos etc), they are a great and entertaining addition to the tank. Tim.
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    tank swap cloudy water predicament... help!

    Glad it made it through the night, put the powerheads in there anyway, wont make any difference, if anything might help. Not sure about corals, see what someone else thinks.... Tim.
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    Using liquid calcium to incease? Bang, Kip, anyone!

    HI there, I dose only when need to to top up my kalkwasser. I wouldnt put that much in at all, it all depends on how much your system uses. I have a 70g and one capful a night is good if Im trying to raise the Ca to 450 or so. Tim.