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    Help ! Scarlet hermit bodies

    hi Todd.. I have had the same problem with scarlet reds!...I put 3 in my 28 Gal. (20lbs. LR and 2.5" LSB) and all was great for a week or so...then I started finding pieces of them...don't think they molted because the shells are still in the tank...and no crabs :( I still don't know why. Do U...
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    Live Rock

    Hi...try Gulfview. They sell by the pound :) Great stuff! Tipsi :D :rolleyes:
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    LS Quest. for Mr. Salty...

    Hi Mr.Salty :) Wanted to know your oppinion on LS...should I use the kind that comes scouped right out of the ocean (that most LR sites sell) with all the critters in it...or, should I use the "bagged kind" like natures ocean? Can I mix them? and what are the pros and cons of both? Thanks in...
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    Setup Question:)

    Originally posted by Maestro: <STRONG>I aree totally with fixit and i dont think u should go with TB Good Luck :p</STRONG> Hi Maestro :) ...No, I'm not. Seems they are haveing a lot of problems over there at TampaBay(???)...So I decided to go with GulfView. They have incredible reviews from...
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    Setup Question:)

    Hi FixitDude :) Thank U for all the help. It was very confusing to get all this conflicting info., but that is what this hobby is like...a million and 1 ways to do everything :) ...But what U said made a lot of sence.The only question I have is, if you leave the cycle to run it's course without...
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    Setup Question:)

    Originally posted by Panchito: <STRONG>hey tipsi when did they tell you would get your rock? I ordered from TB salt 2 weeks ago and still havent got it. dont know whats up? Panchito</STRONG> Hi Panchito... I did'nt order yet...but now you're makin' me think twice :( I'll call them and let U...
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    Setup Question:)

    Hi FixitDude :) Thanks so much for the quick reply. So I shouldn't run the skimmer (CPR Backpack) While the rock is curing? I am ordering from TampaBay salt water, and I think they said I should turn the skimmer on when the LR/LS goes in...(and do water changes as the spikes come)...HELP :( Tipsi
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    Setup Question:)

    Hi :) A kind of silly question... :o Does it hurt to have the water (and salt mix,of course) in the tank with filter and skimmer going for a few days without anything in it? I am ordering my Live rock and Live sand on Mon.,but I would like to set up the tank tonight. Or do u guys think I...
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    Robby....sorry for the "young" comment, but your post sounded so insensative I couldn't help myself at the moment...Now that you've explained, I understand. I guess it's not as bad as people who feed live mice and rats to pet snakes. (I Hate that!!!!).....only MY oppinion :D Tipsi
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    Seahorse tank

    Hello :D That happens to be a perfect size tank for Seahorses! They love hight. There is sooo much I could tell you about them, but this post would turn into a novel! :)...So I'm going to send you to the BEST source of Seahorse Info. on the The disscussion board there will...
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    ...I have a feeling that Robby is very young.