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    A real noobie

    Hey I am also a newbie here and i just would like to inform you that I found a good source of information on the New Hobbiest forum on this site under the advice column.
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    If You Had To Chose, Which Would You Pick? Blue Or Naso Tang!! Why?

    go with the blue it looks better and blue is a calming color.:)
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    Anemones+Fish bad?

    Thanks i was just curious i was not really planning on getting one untill i could at least support some fish.:yes: :yes:
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    Anemones+Fish bad?

    I am a newbie and I am curious about anemones. I do not own a tank and when i do i might get an anemone somewhere down the line. But can anemones be harmfully to fish in a smaller aquarium or are fish smart enough to stay away.:thinking:
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    Best Gif Ever!

    I hate people who copy ideas as thier own:nope: you can easily make good animations using Flash Mx 2004 that is agood program!!:yes: :yes:
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    500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef

    Dear Steve Weast, I am a "newbie" who became interested in saltwater tanks and reefs, i am 13 yrs of age and i am a certified scuba diver. that is when i became in terested in oceanic life. i was browsing sites that sell fish and teach people how to care for them when i stumbled upon...