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    Well I'm back and this time I'm doing a nano! w/ pics

    Originally Posted by bullitr hey tripp, its been a while! how the 3 kids? and the tank ? justlike murph i am also back! consolidate my 3 tanks in one.My 3 kids are getting big ,cutting their own hair and making a lot of Yeah it has been. My kids are doing well, we are just getting...
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    Well I'm back and this time I'm doing a nano! w/ pics

    Yeah, I am still around, drop in here from time to time, spend most of my time on a foreign forum and the other big one over here. My tank is doing OK, I have been having some high Alk issues with freshly mixed saltwater, for some reason the salt I have been using(Red Sea Coral Pro) for the...
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    Well I'm back and this time I'm doing a nano! w/ pics

    Looking good so far Murph, glad you got back into the hobby. A nano should not be as expensive to run. I am sure your tank will be spectacular like the last one. Good luck and have a good weekend. Matt
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    Try a pool/spa store, maybe Tractor Supply or something like that. Hope you find what you need. Matt
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    Help ID?

    Looks like Montipora Digitata or possibly a branching Porites to me, hard to tell from a pic. Good luck with it. Matt
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    I just got some ORA Screaming Green Birdsnest

    I don't QT anything, just dips in one or more concoctions for corals, then into the tank. The Green BN(Are you just talking about the ORA Green BN that has been around awhile?), will like a fair amount of light and flow, it is a pretty fast grower, I have had mine for about 2yrs, and have...
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    ora corals guide

    Nice site, I would send you some pics of my ORA stuff, but my camera skills are very poor to say the least. I didn't see the ORA Anacropora listed, it is not offered very much, I have a small piece of it. The frag I got didn't do so well at first, I save a tiny piece of it and it is now about...
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    Encrusting Monti Q's

    I would frag the ones you want to mix up and glue them to a separate rock for a little test to see if there is any problems between them, most times it is ok, but sometimes one is a really dominant species over another. That way you won't lose your whole piece of anything if there is fighting...
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    My new Acro's..Aquadelight and Pink Lavender

    Very nice . Matt
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    Compact 2-part dosing system

    looks good. Have a good weekend. Matt
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    Deepwater Acro ID (pic)

    Originally Posted by GatorWPB A. caroliniana That is my second guess, they both are very similar looking.
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    Deepwater Acro ID (pic)

    It happened within a couple of days. I talked to my buddy I got it from and he said the colony died about the same time. Both the colony and the frag looked very healthy, but a couple days later, not so good. Yeah, I hope this one makes it, if it doesn't, I won't try another for a good while...
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    Deepwater Acro ID (pic)

    Looks very similar to a frag of A. suharsonoi I just got myself. That would be my guess. My last one I got RTN'd, but so did the mother colony, so I figured I try again from another source. I hope yours does well for you. Good luck. Matt
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    New ORAs!!

    He doesn't do shipping, my frag is small at the moment, I'll ask him though, he lives near Philly and I am in the southern, central part of PA. I will be shipping corals as soon as I get my frag systems going, I am hoping late spring, early summer. You are in Pittsburgh, right? If you are OK...
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    New ORAs!!

    Nice new acquisitions, I just got the Setosa and the Pink Lemonade from a friend. You are getting quite the collection there. Keep up the good job and I hope they all do well for you. Good luck. Matt