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    Removing Emeralds from rocks

    How about creating a stand to put the live rock on. An option would be eggcrate on top of pvc legs. With the live rock elevated, put a piece of raw shrimp at the bottom of the tank. The crabs, in theory should drop down to the bottom, but will have a difficult time getting back up to the...
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    Do you trust your RO/DI too much?

    Example water report. Which you can potentially check on line.
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    Originally Posted by The_Hadleys Is there a meter that we can buy to check the TDS level in our water? We just got a RO/DI unit and I Have it making water into a 44g storage tank. I am getting ready to use that water for my new 120g build. Just wondering if the TDS level was low enough to use...
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    WHat is wrong with my Zooanthids?

    difficult to say without a picture. could be zoapox, cyano, etc.....
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    adding color?

    Originally Posted by mmstillwell01 I was told that you cant put a frog spawn in a tank with a hammer. Dont know if it is true or not. It is not probably would not want them touching...but same tank is fine.
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    New bulbs

    lookin good ...yes there is supposed to be some break in period...i forget the number of hours...spanko may be able to chime in on this one.
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    Please need advice!

    In case it helps Lighting the Reef Tank: A Primer for Beginners by Doug Wojtczak T5 Explanation Suggestion Par readings...
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    New bulbs

    Originally Posted by meowzer OK, here are the before pics.....I am hoping for no more of that icky yellow look Oh...there is no doubt there will no longer be a yellow look. I have phoenix, and they are very blue 14k. I like the look. So I would say it will be a touch more than a "hint of...
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    New bulbs

    isn't there some rule where you have to post some before and after pics when you keep people in suspense like this....1:44 to go...
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    New bulbs

    3 minutes down...only 1:57 to go ....
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    adding color?

    IMHO mushrooms, polyps, and rics are colorful easy corals. Zoos are often colorful as well, but the ease of them varies. (usually not difficult, but melt in some tanks) Personally I would not suggest sponges, as an easy addition, although they are colorful.
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    sps help

    FWIW - I have several birdsnest, and in my tank, some do better in high light, and some do better in lower light. I have one that is on my sand bed, when I moved it closer to the top of my tank, it got angry. When I placed it back down, it was happy again. If it looks fuzzy, then you have good...
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    Sps id

    I think it is potentially a blue tip acropora, that may need to color up some. I think I see some blue in the bottom right of the pic, but it may just be the pic. Anyway, I think it is one of the "tip" acros.
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    Derasa Moves????

    Originally Posted by meowzer It seems really happy though....nice and full and colorful.. is a nice clam. maybe it is just sightseeing.
  15. truperc do I feed my acan?

    Originally Posted by BTLDreef Who told you this?!? Never take advice from them again! Stirring up your sand bed is one of the worst things you can do to your tank. Stop doing it. You're going to throw all your water parameters off and you'll get diatoms because you're sending your tank into a...