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    Any architects or home builders out there? Need help...

    Made some suggestions in red. With solar panels you need space inside for equipment like inverters, etc. Those could probably fit in the pantry.
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    Any architects or home builders out there? Need help...

    Looking forward to seeing it. Speaking from experience, you don't get it right the first time (or the second, and rarely the third). But I think you're on the right track.
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    Any architects or home builders out there? Need help...

    I'm not licensed (yet), but I am an architecture student. Couple things I noticed: You may want a closet near your front entry for guest's coats/crap, vacuum cleaner, etc. You could probably sacrifice some of the "food racks" in the kitchen for a closet. The "dining room" space seems a bit tight...
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    some quick pics

    The fixture I have is an Aquactinics TX5 which comes with five bulbs. Overkill IMO for this tank but I got a good deal on it. When I started to change from softies/LPS I sold most of the colonies. Most of the SPS that are "gone" have died off (like the birdsnest colonies and tabling millis)...
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    some quick pics

    From today: Faviid: FTS: Santa brought me cyano for Christmas so... Tank also looks a little more barren than it actually is. History: My tank has been under my dad's care for about 4 years since I've been away at school. My huge colony of pink birdsnest is gone (ended up being about the size...
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    The Vlamingi 11 months later

    Beautiful fish, and at 7" it's still got a lot of growing to do
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    some quick pics

    Yes it's my tank, been up and running for about almost 7 years. Standard 55gal tank with (5) 54w T5. Fish include (1) blue damsel, (1) 3-stripe damsel, (2) ocellaris clowns, (1) purple pseudochromis, I havn't really added any fish during the past few years. Other critters include (2) t. crocea...
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    some quick pics

    Had my iPod in hand so I took some quick pics. Left side looking through: Mamma clown: Torch: Blue hydopora: Favia:
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    t5 for 72 bowfront

    What fixture were you looking at? You can't do much better than an ATI Powermodule.
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    tango's LED-powered rimless nano

    Late update. Because of the hurricane at the end of August I wasn't able to bring the tank with me to school, so it sat empty at my house until now. The more I think of my finances and my schedule (I rarely have days where I'm not in class or working fewer than 12-14 hours a day), it's looking...
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    Happy Valley Not So Happy

    I still don't understand why Mcqueary was just "asked not to be in the stadium Saturday." Seems like he had a pretty large role in not doing much about it.
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    Happy Valley Not So Happy

    As a former Penn Stater it's embarrassing that the people that are supposed to uphold the university's image, reputation, and integrity completely failed to do so. Spanier (former president) also got the boot. It's also embarrassing to see the negative student reaction that's been taking place...
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    Salt Mixes.....What are you using????

    I've used Reef Crystals, Seachem and now Oceanic (because I can get it for cheaper). Havn't noticed any major differences between them, and suffered no ill-effects by changing.
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    Hurricane Irene Coming

    Almost half of the New York State thruway is closed. Was supposed to head back to school in RI but now it's a waiting game... (and a longer vacation haha)