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    ID Please!

    Sponges = Good
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    Best Lighting???

    It all depends on what type of bulb you can put with that ballasts..Do not know that they make 10k for a T8 ballasts...Have you seen them somewhere
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    very frustrated

    Originally Posted by Dogstar The levels indicate that the biological filtration is fine. Yeah..Now that they have all died
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    Tribond...Let's play!

    Originally Posted by The J.O.P. kurds
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    very frustrated

    Originally Posted by sparkee61 Ammonia 0, Why do you say that I started out with wat too many fish? If the perameters are fine what difference does it make when you place fish in aquarium? Because that is a lot of poop and a little bacteria/cleanup process
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    Originally Posted by Torno You did the right thing Journeyman, there's a line between debating and attacking and he obviously crossed it. There is a difference in attacking someone and insinuating something..You just took it wrong...I disagree with all Homosexuality in general, therefore not...
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    Tribond...Let's play!

    something to do with the word Grand ?
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    Tribond...Let's play!

    all capes ?
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    Democrat or Republican

    Be careful...If you want to know where the line is, read the same topic from a few hours ago...
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    Are There Saltwater Catfish

    Have a look at goatfish
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    expensive lighting!!!

    Mass produced meaning Lowes, HD sales them and you can pick them up anyday..Not like you having to order them
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    expensive lighting!!!

    They are not as mass produced and demanded as everyday lighting, therefore the price is a little higher..
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    Is this safe?

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    See how much fun a bunch of Conservatives can have...
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    Plans for the weekend?

    Originally Posted by shogun323 Good luck on the house hunting. I hope the market is favorable for you in LA. Houses are not too bad, it is the new Hurricane Restrictions that are killing us...