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    Even Obama thinks Kanye is a Jackass!! LOL

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    Help with sump plumbing please!

    regular PVC glue and primer.
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    Help with sump plumbing please!

    Search here using the terms sump, fuge, refugium, plumbing. Theres tons of stuff here.
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    Ich all over the tank

    Originally Posted by jackri You're a long ways off before I would even consider another fish. You still may end up with a total loss or not losing any and then I would wait 2 months of not seeing any ich in the tank before I made any additions or you could be repeating the cycle with a new...
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    Ich all over the tank

    Originally Posted by AquaKnight Agreed. If you don't QT everything, it may suck, but get rid of the Hippo. The other fish are resistant enough, to combat your Ich levels with good diets. The Hippo will only continue to fester and allow the Ich to keep regenerating. Also, add New Life Spectrum...
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    Obama to address your kids at school??

    Whatever he might have to say about education will go in one and out the other. It is IMO purely propoganda. I just would like to know what it is my son will be hearing EAXCTLY, and not have something crammed down my throat. What about these reading assignments? Whats that all about? Why is it...
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    hang on back overflow or built in?

    Reef ready by all means.
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    Headache forming from my new DIY sump

    Hey Meowzer. Just been hanging out doing summer stuff. How are you?
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    Headache forming from my new DIY sump

    Raising the ******** box would have given the same effect. Though it would have also raised the tank level. All the OF's I have seen are adjustable. However, good resolve!
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    Same Problem and nothing is going right!

    i highly suspect your test kit also. However it is believed that nitrites are not nearly the issue that it has been believed to be in a saltwater environment.if you are not having any issues I wouldnt be concerned too much. get new test kits! Additionally, depending on your sb depth and life...
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    Why was my thread deleted?

    Howdy Meowzer, how are you?
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    Bye Farrah

    Beautiful woman. I too had the Farrah poster.......
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    Why was my thread deleted?

    I posted a thread here earlier today and it was deleted. I would like to know why? Was it inappropriate material? How so if so, when ever I have seen much worse things tolerated as long as a certain mod was participating in it. The thread with KIKI's "buzzing" mentioned comes to mind for one. Or...
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    Michael Jackson Jokes.

    I heard Michael Jackson was going to have his body cryogenically(sp?) frozen. Hopefully one day they'll be able to figure out what the hell was wrong with him. They have determined that his death was caused by food poisoning. From eating 10yo wieners. Actually cause of death has been determined...
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    Freshwater it supposed to be like this?

    I stand corrected, the parasite is killed during the reproductive stage. Theront I believe it is. I'll find the article I just don't have the time right now. I just now sat down for some supper...I believe the study was done in like '99 or something. It's been a while. And it was cryptocaryon...