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    Trouble w/Green Brittlestar

    I recently caught be green brittlestar, hunting down and trying to catch my clown and firefish (which was a successful hunt for him). He was ignoring my direct feeding unless I practically put the shrimp in his mouth. I have recently moved him into my sump. What suggestion on keeping him...
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    Lighting????VHO users please.......

    Currently running on my 135 2 - URI 03 actinic 140 w 1 - URI white actinic 140 w 2 - 03 actinic NO 40 w 2 - triclormatic NO 40 w Will shortly be changing the NO to 2 - URI 03 actinic 90 w 2 - URI white actinic 90 w
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    Newsflash: Thomas712 has MORPHED

    Congrats ! Looking forward to your continuing advise and opinions. job well done. PS: Don't forget the "Floor Wet" sign:D
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    When changing lights....

    I'll be changing my VHO lights soon, 1 yr is up. Will I need to adjust the amount of time they are on for a period of time? Also, how long should that period be?
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    I'd like to get a red open brain like you show in your atvar. Haven't been able to locate one at my LFS. Any suggestion on where I could order one online? I wish SWF would go back to selling them! Just adding more corals to the U-Build It would be nice! (hint, hint)
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    what do u use for additives?

    Kent Liquid Calcium & Kent Probuffer. Also do monthly water changes.
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    1.024 - 1.025
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    Feather Duster Colors?

    Do these come in any other color than brown? I've only seen this color. I'd like to see some photos if possible.
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    new fish choice.....

    I agree, although I like the dottybacks for their color, I had to remove mine from the tank. He was the king and was not allowing anything else I tried to put in the tank to have peace.
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    Help with shipment

    I too have my shipment sent to work. I usually take a half day off and get them home as soon as I can, usually within two hours of getting them. The earlier the better. I personally don't think you buy much time adding your tank water to the bag at work. But maybe putting an air stone in the...
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    Secret to coraline growth

    Maintaining calcium levels and alk levels has caused my coraline to take off. I use Kent Liquid Calcium & Kent Pro Buffer.
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    Fish Selection Help Please?

    How about a long nose hawk. They look pretty cool. Thinking of adding one to my tank.
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    Thursday night tank pics!

    Super eye candy before bedtime. I'll have something to dream about now!
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    St. Thomas Scuba Photos

    Base on your description, I bet it was a Nikons V camera made by Nikon. This is the camera that I own and used when I scuba dive, which hasn't been lately, maybe this summer I make a dive or two. They take great picture and have attachments for doing close-up shot. Your pictures look great...
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    You'll get an email in the evening stating it'll arrive the next morning. I once placed an order on Sunday, rec shipping notice Tuesday evening, pacjkage arrived Wednesday morning. Card was billed on Monday by the way. HTH