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    Reef Tank Costs

    YOu will need the lights. Look into PC lights first. Also buy a good skimmer. You can install inside the sump if possible. No need for a UV. Everyone I know doesn't use one. Also plenty of good* nice live rock. Set this up and wait a few weeks. Read, read, read and then slwoly add your clean...
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    Hexagonal Tanks?

    I am looking on purchasing a hexagonal tank for my new home and wanted to know if anyone out there had this kind of shape. One to go in the middle of a room with a view all the way around and all the filters in the middle. If so, what size and diemsions and the set up you have.
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    Your opinions on 100g. set up

    seabass, Thanks. I will look into the Eheim filter. Did you consider traditional WetDSry sump? How often do you clean your canister filter? You have fish only tank? What brand powerheads did you buy? What kind of lighting are you running? P.S. My mistake in typing the model filter.
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    Your opinions on 100g. set up

    seabass, So you also have a 100g and you use the Eheim 2226 WetDry unit. Any other filters or accessories. I am curious.
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    Your opinions on 100g. set up

    I want to get all your opinions in setting up an aggressive 100g. tank. Filters to use, and any set up. I have had a 50g for over 2 years now so I am aware of many things. Just want to get opinions on brands and items to use. Thus far I will use a WetDry filter plumbed to a 10-20g. sump where...
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    Lunare Wrasse getting a little crazy!?

    They are nasty. I have had one for over 1 year now and still the same. House her/him with more aggressive mates. I house mine with 2 Triggers and no problems.
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    I do not see a problem. It should be fine.
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    Protein skimmers

    Buy the BakPak. Cheap and it works.
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    any one looking for a skimmer

    Thanks for the info on this product. It never hurts to know more. Thanks.
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    Phosphate sponge???

    agentb2, Does it actually work? I have triend other products with no success at all. I have just added an algae tank to my sump and we will see. But if the sponge actually works. Sign me on.
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    DIY Hood

    If you built a stand the hood should be very easy. Simply measure very accurate the top of the tank. Measure the lip of the tank. This is the measure your spacers to hold the hood need to be. Too fat and the glass cover will not open. Simply build a box with an open back the same lenght as your...
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    Big Tanks - Qs

    in the near future I will be looking to set up a tank near 200g and am seeking peple that have a big set up and what they use. Filters, Lights, and anything else. Just curious.
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    55 gallon setup

    55g for all those fishes is far too small. From experience I have the same tank with 2 Triggers and a wrasse and they are doing fine. I had more and they died. Need ample hiding spots and major filters. They are messy eaters. Filters to me would be the biggest concers. Defiently a heave...
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    Niger Trigger

    All triggers are messy and predators. Once in a while you may get lucky with a docile one, but do not chance it. If you want smaller fishes and invertebrates do not buy triggers. Once you do you are stuck with that set up.
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    hair algae

    Try adding a skimmer on the set up. Also may help to pull out rocks and scrape them clean as possible. Also some fishes mentioned may help. Once it is nice and clean ad some Macro Algae (ex. Caulerpa) to the tank. This will help some as it has helped mine and will also be of food for the Tangs.