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  1. iidylii

    Sump and skimmer advice

    Hey guys...looking for advice on a nice skimmer and sump setup? I’m going to be putting my sump in underneath my 90 cube this time...last time I drilled thru to the basement but this time it’s going in the cabinet underneath the tank...the cabinet is about 30”x30” and probably 36” high as well...
  2. iidylii

    Dog slobber

    hi I have a St. Bernard and a mastiff and you can imagine how gross there water dish gets after each time they drink...I’m just trying to think of a way so I don’t have to rinse it out and fill it 20 times a day...not only is it a pain in the butt...but also a waste of a lot of...
  3. iidylii

    Fake coral

    Hi everyone...some of you know I have had a pretty successful sw tank for 5+ years now...I recently tore my 90 gallon cube down because I bought a new house and need to move the tank...anyways seeing that I am starting over I was wondering on your thoughts on fake coral? In the past I have only...
  4. iidylii

    Some compatibility questions

    So I’m gonna be moving and I’m not sure yet if I’m getting out of the hobby...what I am sure of is I’m gonna pass on whatever fish I can go my dads 125 gallon he has a 7-8” yellow fox face and I have a 5” magnificent fox face...I’m assuming these guys will not do well together? From...
  5. iidylii

    Glo Fish tank

    Looking for a glo fish for dummies read or video or advice from you guys! Thanks!
  6. iidylii


    hi guys...So i was just wondering if you guys had any insight on this topic... I have my main tank in my living room and my sump is down in my my basement is kind of damp and what not i guess kind of like your typical unfinished basement...Do any of you use a dehumidifier in your...
  7. iidylii

    Looking for fish opinions

    Hi everyone long time no dad has a 125 gallon tank and is looking for one last large fish to put in...he does have crabs and snails and his other fish are pretty docile...blennies sifters clowns fox face dart fish file fish chromis etc... So anyways would like some 6”-12” ideas I...
  8. iidylii

    can i use these rocks

    my dad has had a pile of rocks in his QT tank submerged in water...the tank has just been sitting there with no water movement or life in it for about a year...would he be ok adding these live rocks to his current DT? is there something he needs to do in order to do this? is it better to throw...
  9. iidylii

    Opinion on new fish

    So I am looking at a copper band butterfly for my 90 cube tank...I realize it says 125 min but u think a 90 would be the absolute smallest u could go? I mean it’s an 8” fish compared to my 9” fox which also says it needs a 125 and he does just great in my 90 for well over a year now...what do U...
  10. iidylii

    Water level adjustment

    so is there a way we can adjust how far our water level sits from the top of our DT?
  11. iidylii

    Bristle worms

    so this is probably a dumb question and I have done my share of research but should I be worried about 4-6” bristle worms killing fish? I know they primarily feed on dead or dying fish but I was just curious...I am definitely gonna start feeding a lot less because I all of the sudden have a...
  12. iidylii

    Something u don’t see everyday

    not sure what the heck happened but all the sudden my fire fish is swimming around with half a body :(
  13. iidylii

    looking for a couple new fish

    Hi everyone...been a while! how are you all? Took a little break from buying anymore fish for a while now and now I think its time to check into some more.... little info since the last time I was here...had some bad luck for a while not sure what was happening but was another reason I took a...
  14. iidylii

    2 new fish

    so friday I got 2 new fish from live aquaria and put them in the 20 gallon QT...bicolor angel and a Fijian exquisite wrasse...the wrasse is eating decent...but as expected the bicolor hasn't touched anything for the first couple days...I'm trying marine cuisine emerald entree and then straight...
  15. iidylii

    Couple new guys today

    Had these guys delivered from live aquaria today...the goby is a cleaner goby that I was told was highly recommended in every tank...not only that he is tiny and really doesn't even count towards the fish total :p http://m.***********.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3352+3353+3436&pcatid=3436...
  16. iidylii

    anemone split

    apparently stress is definitely the way to get this particular family of anemone to split...first our buddy had this nem and im not sure the reason but it split...he then gave one to my brother who then tapped something against his tank which then exploded after picking everything up and putting...
  17. iidylii

    Dehumidifier top off

    this may or may not be a stupid question lol but I have a dehumidifier in my basement next to my sump...instead of running the water it collects into my sewer drain couldn't I run it into my sump after some sort of filtering? Again this is prob a stupid question lol just curious though :~}
  18. iidylii

    fish may not be doing well

    well....looks like my large male lyretail anthias might be deciding hes had enough...been in my tank 9 months now and I just got back from vacation yesterday and for the last 2 days he hides in the rocks 90 percent of the day and when I feed the tank he comes out and swims around for a few mins...
  19. iidylii

    Looking for some crabs

    my dad is looking to get a list of crabs that actually show themselves once in a while...I know the arrow crab does but he doesn't want something like well as the emerald also considering I don't know anyone who can keep them alive... So besides those two does anyone have experience...
  20. iidylii

    Algae Turf Scrubber in progress

    so ive decided I have the room for an ATS so why not try one out and see what happens...I had all the pvc and what not laying around so just had to buy a union and knitting screen and was done...anyways here is a crude quick put together with no glue...still have to cut the slit in the bottom of...