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  1. meowzer

    Be safe

    Praying for My friends that have been dealing with these hurricanes in tx. Send now fl
  2. meowzer


    HEY I just popped in to say hi and see who is still around. I have not been on in a long time. After my divorce I got rid of all my saltwater tanks, and only kept my 55g freshwater. Life has gotten better though :) SO TELL ME....who is still here?
  3. meowzer


    Hey guys.....I have been lingering but not too much on posting quick update I am down to 1 tank....well saltwater...I have the 180 G.....and still have the 55G FW I was neglecting them so a friend of mine took the 3 to his shop and will try to sell the setups for me (wish me luck on that)...
  4. meowzer

    Craigslist fraud....maybe????

    OK I never use Craigslist, BUT have recently helped a friend look for a vehicle......I sent 3 replies to people.....and each one came back that they were in the military and had to have the vehicle shipped to me and they use Google Wallet is this a fraud or what? I don't feel very...
  5. meowzer

    Craigslist help

    OK I need some help....I have advertised an item on Craigslist....HOW do I know if I get any feedback I tried to reply to the ad...JUST TO SEE, and never got anything...this is the link
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    Check out this build
  7. meowzer

    Watching football on computer

    WELL as usual the stupid Saints are on our TV I remember a while back someone gave us a website so we could watch the Cowboys live.......can anyone give it to me again PLEASE
  8. meowzer

    Frogspawn losing heads.....

    I have a massive frogspawn in my 29G tank and it suddenly has started to lose heads.....they have actually floated off What would/could cause this......I have not tested water....I'll have to do that tomorrow afternoon.....and I think I will get a w/c ready also BUT just curious if their is...
  9. meowzer

    MP40 Broke

    Well I got home from work and one of my MP40W had a red light.....NOW It is the older version white box, BUT I Have never had this happen before I tried resetting it....and nothing.....SO then we took it apart and Danny lost the little nut for the impeller (LOL....I have to laugh) SO tomorrow...
  10. meowzer

    A couple miscellaneous pictures

    My new Moon coral New coral hog fish My toadstool.....IDK this thing is a monster AND you can see more babies to the bottom left
  11. meowzer

    It's A BOY/GIRL

    WELL...A new prince has been born today...8lbs 6 oz.....wonder what they will name him.... AND if anyone cares....LOL Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott gave birth to a baby girl today
  12. meowzer

    MP40/10 placement help

    OK...I have a problem in the 180.....I have 3 MP40's and I just added an MP10 I seem to have spots that are not getting good flow...I have moved the PH's around, and I still seem to be missing something this is where they are right now....all units are close to midway on each wall I am sorry, I...
  13. meowzer

    Fostering a pet

    WELL I am about to foster a dog....I said I wouldn;t do it...since I have 2 dogs and 3 cats of my own...BUT I help out with a place that tries to save dumped animals I told them I will donate money...BUT I could NOT be around the animals WELL last night a mini doxie was in...
  14. meowzer

    Need A Suggestion

    Ok...I have 5 tanks.....the 180, 29G, 28G cube, 54G and 10G this is what FISH are in each 28G cube Yellowhead jawfish , and purple firefish 29G Clown, chalk basslet, cardinal 54G 2 blue reef chromis, lemonpeel dwarf angel, two spot hogfish, tribal blennie 10G Black.white goby, rainford goby 180G...
  15. meowzer

    END of 225g..Beginning of 180G

    OK...this is what I have had in my house for the past couple days The empty drying the carpet the 3 totes with fish and corals Making new water More rocks in my kitchen More rocks in Danny's hunting room I will update as I can
  16. meowzer

    Sprung a leak :(

    WELL.....My 225G has a leak.....Bad thing is it's on the bottom.... I have emptied about 40 gallons out......turned off skimmer and sump......Making new SW....and preparing totes Danny is off tomorrow so he is going to Home Depot to pick up some stuff......we are going to try an underwater...
  17. meowzer

    Who uses ROD'S FOODS?

    The food I have been using seems to be GONE from the suppliers :( Can anyone tell me about Rods Foods? are they a flat pack or do they come in cubes......where I am looking does not specify :(
  18. meowzer

    2 down 6 left LOL

    WELL....I decided I had too many tanks....HAHA>....tore down the 16G and sent all the Kenya to a friend...... and just sold my 46G corner octo FW tank I still have a 55G FW 225G, 54G, 29G, 28G and 10G SW tanks I seriously would consider getting rid of another SW tank.....More is NOT always...
  19. meowzer

    Green Banded Gobies Missing :(

    WELL....I am sad to say I have not seen my green banded gobies in 2 days I have no clue where.....or what could have happened to them....they are in the 28G cube, so no jumping is possible... still hoping they will show up.....I think it's pretty odd for BOTH to disappear
  20. meowzer

    Small flood :(

    Sometimes I hate this hobby.....When I got home from work tonight.....first thing I do is walk back to fish room and check tanks.....skimmers....etc (habit) well when I walked in front of the foot landed in wet carpet Apparently sometime today my Cascade Canister filter decided to...