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  1. Kristin1234

    So many options.

    So I'm upgrading my lighting fixtures on my 100 gallon. I'm not too happy since it was less than a year ago into spent around $300 on my current one, and now it likes to flicker between moonlights and regular and dims itself and so on. Guess I didn't choose the right one. I'm not planning on...
  2. Kristin1234

    Ohhhh, my Lanta.

    So my darling little 3 year old dumped a damn near full package of Hikari algae pellets into my sump. By the time I found out they had been in there for awhile, but was able to get about 75% of them out. The rest disenegrated into tiny peices. My skimmer is going crazy and overflowing quickly...
  3. Kristin1234

    So. Who are you voting for?

    Let's hear it.
  4. Kristin1234

    It is possible..

    That a feather duster can burrow into a starfish leg and live there? Super weird i know. I have a couple of feather dusters that are normal and live in their tubes. I also have/had a red linkia star fish that I haven't seen in a few months but last night I found one single leg star fish leg...
  5. Kristin1234

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year's everyone!!
  6. Kristin1234


    Is there anybody out there? Where is everyone?
  7. Kristin1234

    Guys need help asap.

    Power is out. Been about 20 min. What do I do? I called and they say power should be restored in about 2 hours. Will we be okay?
  8. Kristin1234

    I want a new fish...

    Just can't decide what.. What is your reccomendation? 100 gal. 2 snowflake clowns 2 pj cardinals 2 mandarins 1 Blue tang 1 Fox face 1 sail fin tang 1 6 line wrasse. I want to maybe get a fancy flasher wrasse. Or a copper band. Or a coral beauty. Or... The options are endless. Help a...
  9. Kristin1234

    You think it could harm him? Lol.

    I know it is not advised to feed more than what my fish can consume within 3 minutes. Does the same rule apply to dogs? Lol! My awesome little English bulldog decided to jump up and grab my fish food off the counter. He ate not only an entire bag of hikari pellets, but also a bag of cobalt...
  10. Kristin1234

    Whcih fish best describes you?

    If you were a salt water fish, which would best describe you? I would probably be a Fox face. I get stressed out and have anxiety no matter how big or small the situation may be. I am mostly a mellow person but will use my spikes when they are needed. And I eat like a hog. ; ) What fish best...
  11. Kristin1234

    Nice algae.

    I've got some nice green algae growth going on. Would a lawn mower blenny take care of this? I have dozens of snails and crabs they don't touch it. Will my tank continue to produce the algae for a blenny to survive? My phosphates are kinda high right now, so I know that isn't helping.
  12. Kristin1234

    Need some recommendations..

    On a auto top off and a auto feeder. What are some of the better ones? We are going to Ohio for 3 days in August and I need to get this all set up and ready.
  13. Kristin1234

    What are these?

    I was cleaning the algae off the glass this morning and in my overflow department I found these guys chilling on some purple algae. I'm thinking some kind of copepod? They have arms and legs and are running around the bottom of the chamber as well.
  14. Kristin1234

    Hanna checker question.

    I am upgrading my test kits and looking to buy a Hanna chexker for my phosphates. I see 2 of them, one that checks for high range and one that checks for low range. Which one do I want? Lol I would prefer not to buy both. I'm thinking the one that checks the high range?
  15. Kristin1234

    I feel like im running the bare minimum.

    As the title says. I feel like I am running the bare minimum on my tank and need to know what I should invest my money on for my 100 gallon. I want to dip my hands into some easy corals. I have a 100 gallon with a 50 gal sump. A protein skimmer. 2 power heads (should these always be on the...
  16. Kristin1234

    New Fluval light stressing my foxface.

    I decided to upgrade my lights hoping it will help me with the new leather I bought and got the new Fluval Sea and Marine 2.0 LED. When I turn on the moon lights my Fox face goes crazy. He starts swimming into the tank walls and rocks and I have to turn it off immediately. Will he get used to...
  17. Kristin1234


    Truth or nah?
  18. Kristin1234

    High alkalinity..

    So I invested in a alkilinity test today since I'm getting a little concerned for my xenia trees. They have shrunk quite a bit and don't look as good as they did. Bought a sailfert test and tested as soon as I got home. Of course there are 2 readings and both are high. Results were 12.5 - KH...
  19. Kristin1234

    what the heck is this?

    It's on the bottom of a peice of a shell I got out of the ocean in July. That's a speck of sand on it. Any ideas? Good or bad?
  20. Kristin1234

    First order!

    Well my first ever online order came in today and I'm mostly happy! Everyone was great and healthy.....except diamond watchman goby. He didn't survive shipping. I understand that happens but everyone else being a purple firefish goby and 3 chromies are doing great. Oh and these zoas are...