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  1. eelman

    stuff that goes on under the tank

    OK, I don't know where to start. I have a standard 70 gal reef.(actually right now it is just one mushroom) I plan on having lots of corals, I will name them in a miniute here. I will also have clams, fish, and inverts: Fish (in order that they will be added to the tank) firefish (already...
  2. eelman

    water motion

    I am considering one of the following sea swirl silent surge wavemaster pro I want alot of replies so I can compare all of the replies from all of the different bbs and decide on which one to add to my christmass list
  3. eelman


    can you make reflectors out of tin foil or something like that? Just tring to save a few busks here and there
  4. eelman

    any one looking for a skimmer

    I have used my tunze skimmer for over 2 monthw now and it is the best skimmer hands down that I have ever seen hands is awsome. the foam is so so so dry!! it has a pytoplankton thing so it does not suck up any brine shrimp, or baby shrimp or stuff like that. It requires hardly any...
  5. eelman


    there are some things that are growing on one of my powerheads, and now one of my rocks. they rand from this long-- to this long----. they are white and they taper down at one end, but not all of the way to a point. they have multiplied from 2 to about 10. they have little frilly stuff on...
  6. eelman

    Instant messanger

    does anyone have instant messinger? my SN is emoRekaJ87 tell your sns to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. eelman

    I just thought of this.

    if the power goes out what keeks the water from syphoning back down to the sump through the return pump?
  8. eelman

    anenome for clowns

    there are some different species of anenomes. I am planning on getting two sm. false percula clown. which ofthese anenomes are the hardiest. I will have between 5 and 7 watts per gal Stichodactyla haddoni Heteractis magnifica stichodactyla gigantea
  9. eelman


    how long does it take this wonderfull purple algae to grow??
  10. eelman

    tangs, tangs

    I am now positive that I am going to get a tang. I was planning on getting a purple, but I started thinking anout a powderblue, or a sailfin. My lfs has a 3"/4 sail fin that I am really thinking about. my tank is not fully matured, and I am still planning on adding some docile fish, so I can...
  11. eelman


    tonight before my lights went out I spotted something wierd on one of my snails. there were 2 of them coming off of the top halfe of a turbo. they were about 6 inchis and they look like hair strands. at the end of them looks like a tiny feather duster. they have no color, and they move with...
  12. eelman

    info on bar goby

    yesterday I baught about 10 lbs of some good porous lr that my lfs got in, and a bar goby was inn one of the holes in the rock. Althoe I plan to get rid of him, I want to keep him until I am ready to get any more fish. Right now I only havea firefish, green mushrooms, and a sm unidentified...
  13. eelman

    fishes for the reef aquarium

    I am setting up a reef right now, and I am deciding on fish. the tank is 70 gal with a 25gal sump, and a 10 gal refrigum. I have a Tunze 100gal protien skimer, and a fluval 304. I will have a sponge block, and bio balls. I will also have an eclyips 25 gal filter over my sump. lighting is a...
  14. eelman


    is 6.2714285 enough watts to keep maxama clams, I will have a 48" smartlite pc-384watts and a regular 55watt flouresant over my 70 gal tank.
  15. eelman

    Dead fish/identification

    for no reason at all my lawnmower blenny died. I had him for about 4months and he was about 4 in long he died in my new 70 gal I have had it for about 1 month. all the readings were fine, and my tank finished cycling about 3 weeks ago. it only took 1 week to cycle because I used my lr, my...
  16. eelman

    3 totaly different ???s

    Ceeudopods(¿sp?) either my 50+lbs of live rock does not have any, or I do not know what they look like. Is there any way that you can buy them. I am going to get a Mandrine goby and I want there to be an abundint food saurse. the goby that I am going to get has been in my lf's tank for about...
  17. eelman

    carpit anenomys

    does any one know what kind of clowns will make a carpit anenomy their home?
  18. eelman

    2nd day air

    if I would get live rock online, would it be worth it to spend $20 more for overnight, or will everything die on 2nd day??
  19. eelman

    clowns & carpits

    I heard that giant carpits were not poisonus, this this mean that they will not eat fish? I have a male/female pare of mandrins reserved, but have heard that they are prone to getting eaten by anenomys. also, do the giant carpits come in different colers, and will a false percula house in...
  20. eelman

    banner question

    does anyone remember the name of the sight that used to advertise with a banner on this sight. not harbor aquatics, but the other one. If i remember corectly the baner was on the clasified add page but it is not there anymore. if i recal corectly they sold cured fiji live rock at $2lb. with...